House of Gonzaga

House of Gonzaga

The Gonzaga family ruled Mantua in Northern Italy from 1328 to 1708. See Duchy of Mantua for a list of rulers.

In 1433, Gianfrancesco I assumed the title of Marquis of Mantua, and in 1530 Federico II (1500–1540) received the title of Duke of Mantua. In 1531, the family acquired the Duchy of Monferrato through marriage. Through that foremother, the following Gonzagas inherited also the Byzantine ancestry of the Paleologi, that earlier ruling family of Montferrat.

A cadet branch of the Mantua Gonzagas became Dukes of Nevers and Rethel in France when Luigi (Louis) di Gonzaga, a younger son of Duke Federico II and Margerita Paleologa, married the heiress. The Gonzaga-Nevers later came to rule Mantua again, when Louis' son Charles (Carlo) inherited Mantua and Montferrat, triggering the War of the Mantuan Succession.

Another cadet branch were first sovereign Counts, later Dukes of Guastalla. They descended from Ferrante, a younger son of Duke Francesco II of Mantua (1484–1519). Ferrante's grandson, Ferrante II, also played a role in the War of the Mantuan Succession.

Ludwika Maria Gonzaga, daughter of prince Charles Gonzaga-Nevers, was a Polish queen consort from 1645 to her death in 1667.

Two daughters of the house, both confusingly named Eleanor Gonzaga, became Holy Roman Empresses, by marrying Emperors Ferdinand II of Germany and Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, respectively. From the latter Empress Eleanor, the today heirs of the Gonzaga descend, as explained in inheritance pattern leading to Leopold, Duke of Lorraine.

Family tree

Francesco II (1484-1519)

Federico II (1519-40) Ferrante of Guastalla
| (1539-57)
-------------------------|--------------------------| |
| |
Francesco III (1540-50) Guglielmo I (1550-87) "Louis" of Nevers (1581-95) Cesare I of Guastalla
| | (1557-75)
Vincenzo I (1587-1612) "Charles III" of Nevers (1595-37) Ferrante II of Guastalla
/Carlo I of Mantua (1627-37) | (1575-1630)
| |
Francesco IV Ferdinando I Vincenzo II Cesare II of Guastalla (1612) (1612-26) (1626-27) (1630-32) The branches of the Gonzaga family, showing the main line in bold (Dukes of Mantua), the Nevers line in "italics" (Dukes of Nevers and Rethel) and the Guastalla line to the right.


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