Counts and Dukes of Rethel

Counts and Dukes of Rethel

This is a list of counts and dukes of Rethel. The first counts of Rethel ruled independently, before the county passed first to the Counts of Nevers, then to the Counts of Flanders, and finally to the Dukes of Burgundy. In 1405 the County became part of the Peerage of France, and in 1581 it was elevated to a duchy. In 1663 it became the Duchy of Mazarin.

The county was active in the crusades. King Baldwin II of Jerusalem was the brother of Count Gervais and Countess Matilda of Rethel, while Beatrice of Rethel married King Leo I of Armenia.


First dynasty

  • Manasses I
  • Manasses II (?–1032)
  • Manasses III (1032–1056)
  • Hugh I (1065–1118)
  • Gervais (1118–1124)
  • Matilda (1124–1151)

Second dynasty

  • Odo of Vitry (1124–1158; married Matilda of Rethel)
  • Ithier (1158–1171)
  • Manasses III (1171–1199)
  • Hugh II (1199–1227)
  • Hugh III (1227–1242)
  • John (1242–1251)
  • Walter (1251–1262)
  • Manasses IV (1262–1272)
  • Hugh IV (1272–1285)
  • Joan (1285–1328)

Dampierre dynasty

Burgundian dynasty

  • Philip the Bold (1384–1402; also duke of Burgundy; married Margaret of Dampierre)
  • Antoine (1402–1407; later duke of Brabant)
  • Philip II (1407–1415; also count of Nevers)
  • Charles I (1415–1464; also count of Nevers)
  • John II (1464–1491; also count of Nevers and Eu)
  • Charlotte (1491–1500)

Albret dynasty

Coat of Arms of the Lords of Orval from the Albret family.
  • John of Albret (1491–1500; also lord of Orval; married Charlotte of Rethel)
  • Marie of Albret (1500–1549)

Cleves dynasty

  • Charles II (1500–1521; also count of Nevers; married Marie of Albret)
  • Francis I (1549–1561; also duke of Nevers)
  • Francis II (1561–1562; also duke of Nevers)
  • James (1561–1564; also duke of Nevers)
  • Henriette of Cleves (1564–1601; also duchess of Nevers)

Gonzaga dynasty

House of Mazarin

  • Cardinal Jules Mazarin (1659–1661); minister of Louis XIV of France; purchased Rethel from Charles IV
  • Hortense Mancini (1661–1699); the niece of Cardinal Mazarin, Duchess of Mazarin, Duchess of Mayenne, Duchess of Meilleraye, mistress of Charles II of England
  • Paul-Jules de la Porte (1699–1731; also Duke of Meilleraye)
  • Paul de la Porte (1731–1738; also Duke of Meilleraye)
  • Louise Jeanne de Durfort (1738–1781; also Duchess of Mayenne and Meilleraye)
  • Louise d'Aumont (1781–1789; also Duchess of Mayenne and Meilleraye)

Nowadays, the title is still claimed by her descendants, the Sovereign Princes of Monaco.


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