List of Wenninger polyhedron models

List of Wenninger polyhedron models

This table contains an indexed list of the Uniform and stellated polyhedra from the book "Polyhedron Models", by Magnus Wenninger.

The book was written as a guide book to building polyhedra as physical models. It includes templates of face elements for construction and helpful hints in building, and also brief descriptions on the theory behind these shapes.

It contains the 75 nonprismatic uniform polyhedra, as well as 44 stellated forms of the convex regular polyhedra.

This list was written to honor this early polyhedral work from Wenninger, and to provide a detailed reference to the 119 numbered models in his book.

Models listed here can be cited as "Wenninger Model Number N", or WN for brevity.

The polyhedra are grouped below in 5 tables: Regular (1-5), Semiregular (6-18), regular star polyhedra (20-22,41), Stellations and compounds (19-66), and uniform star polyhedra (67-119). "The four regular star polyhedra are listed twice because they belong to both the uniform polyhedra and stellation groupings."

Platonic solids (Regular) W1 to W5

tellations: models W19 to W66

tellations of octahedron

tellations of cuboctahedron


** Errata
*** In Wenninger, the vertex figure for W90 is incorrectly shown as having parallel edges.

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