List of major U.S. Commands of World War II

List of major U.S. Commands of World War II

The List of major U.S. Commands of World War II includes major military commands of the United States. These are units above corps level.

Major Army Commands

* Army Air Forces (USAAF): Formed 9 March 1942.
* Army Ground Forces (AGF): Formed 9 March 1942.
* Army Service Forces (ASF): Formed 9 March 1942 as Services of Supply (USASOS); renamed on 12 March 1943.

Theater commands

* European Theater of Operations (ETO): Formed 8 June 1942.
* North African Theater of Operations (NATO): Formed 4 February 1943. Redesignated Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO) on 1 November 1944.
* Central Pacific Area (COMCENPAC): Primary subordinate command of Pacific Ocean Areas, also commanded by Chester W. Nimitz through the war.
* North Pacific Area (COMNORPAC): Formed in April 1942 as a subordinate command of Pacific Ocean Areas, commanded by Robert A. Theobald to January 1943, Thomas C. Kinkaid to October 1943, and Frank J. Fletcher through the end of the war.
* Pacific Ocean Areas (CINCPOA): Formed in April 1942 as primarily Navy command in the Pacific, consisting of Central Pacific Area, South Pacific Area, and North Pacific Area. Commanded by Chester W. Nimitz through the war.
* South Pacific Area (COMSOPAC): Formed in April 1942 as a subordinate command of Pacific Ocean Areas, commanded by Robert L. Ghormley through October 1942, William Halsey, Jr. to June 1944, John H. Newton to March 1945, and Admiral William L. Calhoun to the end of the war.
* South East Pacific Area (COMSOEASPAC): Formed in April 1942. Never became an active theater of war. Commanded by Ernest King throughout the war.
* South West Pacific Area (COMSOWESPAC): Formed on 30 March 1942. Commanded by Douglas MacArthur throughout the war.
* China Burma India Theater (CBI): Formed [2 February 1944. Commanded by Joseph W. Stilwell. Split into China Theater under Albert Coady Wedemeyer and India Burma Theater under Daniel I. Sultan on 24 October 1944.

Army groups

* First United States Army Group
* Sixth United States Army Group
* Twelfth United States Army Group
* Fifteenth Army Group


* U.S. First Army: Existed prior to the war, shipped to England in October 1943. Landed at Normandy and was in North-West Europe through the end of the war. Commanded by Omar Bradley from October 1943 to August 1944.
* U.S. Second Army: Remained in the United States through the war.
* U.S. Third Army: Existed prior to the war, shipped to England in January 1944. Shipped to France in July 1944 and remained in North-West Europe through the end of the war. Commanded by George S. Patton from January 1944 to the end of the war.
* U.S. Fourth Army: Remained in the United States.
* U.S. Fifth Army: Activated in August 1943 at Algiers. Landed at Salerno in September 1943 and remained in Italy through the war. Commanded by Mark W. Clark to November 1944 and Lucian Truscott through the end of the war.
* U.S. Sixth Army
* U.S. Seventh Army
* U.S. Eighth Army
* U.S. Ninth Army
* U.S. Tenth Army
* U.S. Fifteenth Army


* U.S. Asiatic Fleet
* U.S. Atlantic Fleet
* U.S. Pacific Fleet
* U.S. 3rd Fleet
* U.S. 4th Fleet
* U.S. 5th Fleet
* U.S. 7th Fleet
* U.S. 8th Fleet
* U.S. 10th Fleet
* U.S. 12th Fleet
* U.S. 16th Fleet
* U.S. 19th Fleet


* Alaska Sea Frontier
* Caribbean Sea Frontier
* Eastern Sea Frontier
* Gulf Sea Frontier
* Hawaiian Sea Frontier
* Moroccan Sea Frontier
* North-West Sea Frontier
* Panama Sea Frontier
* Philippine Sea Frontier
* Western Sea Frontier

Naval Task Forces

* Task Force 38
* Task Force 58

Naval Major Commands

* Air Forces Atlantic Fleet AIRLANT, COMAIRLANT
* Air Forces Pacific Fleet AIRPAC, COMAIRPAC

* Carriers Pacific Fleet CARPAC, COMCARPAC
*: Carrier Division CARDIV, COMCARDIV

* Battleships Pacific Fleet BATPAC, COMBATPAC
*: Battleship Division BATDIV, COMBATDIV

* Cruisers Atlantic Fleet CRULANT, COMCRULANT
* Cruisers Pacific Fleet CRUPAC, COMCRUPAC
*: Cruiser Division CRUDIV, COMCRUDIV

* Destroyers Atlantic Fleet DESLANT, COMDESLANT
* Destroyers Pacific Fleet DESPAC, COMDESPAC
*: Destroyer Division DESDIV, COMDESDIV
*: Destroyer Squadron DESRON, COMDESRON
*: Destroyer Group DESGRU, COMDESGRU

* Minesweepers Atlantic Fleet MINLANT, COMMINLANT
* Minesweepers Pacific Fleet MINPAC, COMMINPAC
*: Minesweeper Division MINDIV, COMMINDIV
*: Minesweeper Squadron MINRON, COMMINRON

* Amphibious Forces Atlantic PHIBLANT, COMPHIBLANT
* Amphibious Forces Pacific PHIBPAC, COMPHIBPAC
*: Amphibious Squadron PHIBRON, COMPHIBRON

* Service Forces Atlantic SERVLANT, COMSERVLANT
* Service Forces Pacific Fleet SERVPAC, COMSERVPAC
*: Service Forces Squadron SERVRON, COMSERVRON
*: Service Division SERVDIV, COMSERVDIV

* Submarines Atlantic Fleet SUBLANT, COMSUBLANT
* Submarines Pacific Fleet SUBPAC, COMSUBPAC
*: Submarine Squadron SUBRON, COMSUBRON
*: Submarine Group SUBGRU, COMSUBGRU

Naval Forces (Misc,)

* Naval Forces Europe
* Naval Forces France
* Naval Forces Germany
* Amphibious Forces Pacific Fleet
* Amphibious Force North Pacific
* Amphibious Force South Pacific
* Amphibious Force South-West Pacific
* Amphibious Training Command
* III Amphibious Force
* V Amphibious Force
* VII Amphibious Force
* IX Amphibious Force

Marine commands

* Fleet Marine Force Pacific
* III Amphibious Corps
* V Amphibious Force

Air Forces

* First Air Force
* Second Air Force
* Third Air Force
* Fourth Air Force
* Fifth Air Force
* Sixth Air Force
* Seventh Air Force
* Eighth Air Force
* Ninth Air Force
* Tenth Air Force
* Eleventh Air Force
* Twelfth Air Force
* Thirteenth Air Force
* Fourteenth Air Force
* Fifteenth Air Force
* Twentieth Air Force
* Air Transport Command

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