15th Army Group

15th Army Group

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= 15th Army Group

caption= 15th Army Group Shoulder Insignia
dates= 1943 - 1945
country= United States & United Kingdom
allegiance= Allies
type= Army Group
notable_commanders= Harold Alexander
Mark W. Clark

The 15th Army Group was an army group of the Allied forces in World War II.

It was activated in 1943 in Algiers, North Africa, to plan the invasion of Sicily codenamed Operation Husky. Its main forces for this job were the British Eighth Army and the U.S. Seventh Army. For some time, it was under command of British Field Marshal Harold Alexander. By mid-1944, though, the small-scale invasion that had been planned earlier blew into a theatre of its own. 15th Army Group had pushed northward through Italy, capturing Rome, and driving the retreating Axis forces into Northern Italy. In December, American Lieutenant General Mark W. Clark became the new commander, and by 1945, they had an unparalleled superiority in Central Europe.

Order of Battle for 15th Army Group- August 1944

15th Army Group (Alexander)

:British Eighth Army (Leese)::V Corps (United Kingdom) (Keightley) :::1st Armoured Division (Hull) :::4th Infantry Division (Ward) :::4th Infantry Division (India) (Holworthy) :::46th (North Midland) Infantry Division (Hawkesworth) :::56th (London) Infantry Division (Whitfield) :::25th Army Tank Brigade ::I Canadian Corps (Burns) :::1st Canadian Infantry Division (Major General Christopher Vokes) :::2nd Division (New Zealand) (Lieutenant-General Bernard Freyberg) :::5th Canadian (Armoured) Division (Major General Bert Hoffmeister) :::21st Army Tank Brigade :::3rd Greek Mountain Brigade ::II Corps (Poland) (Lt.Gen Władysław Anders) :::Polish 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division :::5th Kresowa Infantry Division :::2nd Armoured Brigade (Poland) ::X Corps (United Kingdom) (General Sir Richard McCreery) :::10th Indian Infantry Division (General Denys Whitehorn Reid) :::9th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom)

:Fifth United States Army (Mark Wayne Clark|Clark)::II Corps (United States) (Major General Geoffrey Keyes) :::34th Infantry Division (United States) (Walker) :::88th Infantry Division (United States) (Kendall) :::91st Infantry Division (United States) (Livesay) ::IV Corps (United States) (Crittenberger) :::6th Armoured Division (South Africa) (Poole) :::85th Infantry Division (United States) (Coulter):::Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) (Mascarenhas de Morais) :::442nd Infantry Regiment (United States) ::XIII British Corps (Kirkman) :::1st Infantry Division (Loewen) :::6th Armoured Division (Murray) :::8th Infantry Division (India) (Russell) :Army Group Reserve :1st Armored Division (United States) (Prichard)

Source: http://members.aol.com/Custermen85/Units/AlliesOrg.htm

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