Sounds from the Ground

Sounds from the Ground
Sounds From The Ground

Nick Woolfson and Elliot Jones in 2009.
Background information
Origin London, United Kingdom
Genres Downtempo, Electronica, Ambient music
Years active 1995-present
Labels Upstream (UK), Waveform Records (US)
Nick Woolfson
Elliot Jones

Sounds From The Ground (SFTG) is an English electronic music duo formed in 1995. Both members Nick Woolfson and Elliot Jones met through their involvement with the underground music scene in London.



Elliot Jones's background is chillout and dub, from running his own label and doing clubs and gatherings in the early 1990s.[1] Nick Woolfson has worked in lots of different styles of music, as long as it is innovative and good quality, and downtempo is his comfort zone.[1] Jones had written Triangle as a demo and was introduced to Woolfson, their styles matched and the duo was born.[1]

Woolfson's studio is called The Starlight Rooms and is located in London. Woolfson has been working on a Mac and Logic for approximately the last 10 years. He has some old analog and digital synthesizers which he still uses : Yamaha CS-70, ARP Axxe, Moog Rogue, Yamaha CS30, Roland TB-303, Yamaha DX7, Virus, 2 x Roland JV-1080, 2 x Akai S3000 samplers. He also has a Mackie 32-8 plus extra 24 input desk but these days most of the work is done on the Mac, making the mixing desk virtually redundant.

SFTG have done a few collaborations over the years, including vocalists Taz, Aine, Colein, Nicola Hitchcock, Dillinger and General Levy. The duo has also worked with pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole, ex Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor as well as Gaudi and also collaborated with Benjamin Zephaniah.

The duo were regular performers and DJs at The Big Chill music festivals,[1] and have played at Glastonbury.

SFTG released their latest studio album 'The Maze' in October 2010. They are due to release a remastered version of Mosaic on 28 March 2011. A new EP download only release is scheduled later in the year, as well as Luminal (remastered).


Kin (1996)

Kin merged hip hop, dub and jazz, it charted in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts.

Track listing:

  1. Gather
  2. Drawn to the woman
  3. Loaf
  4. Pearl
  5. Triangle
  6. Over There
  7. Where The Wild Things Were
  8. Seven Sisters

Mosaic (1999)

Known as Terra Firma in the U.S.. The album includes drum and bass, jazz and soul influences.[2]

The album charted on the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts as Terra Firma.

Track listing:

  1. Snow
  2. Treasure
  3. Bodega Bay
  4. Drugstore
  5. The Cut
  6. Marshmello
  7. Rye
  8. Circle & Star
  9. Planted

Natural Selection (2003)

The song New Day was featured on the movie The Guardian[3] soundtrack and the TV series Wonderfalls. Lean On Me was also on Wonderfalls. Gentle Healing was featured in Smallville season 2 soundtrack.

Track listing:

  1. Lean On Me
  2. Moving Into a New Space
  3. Inner World
  4. Gentle Healing (Trust)
  5. The Shepherd
  6. New Day
  7. Whispers
  8. I Forgive Me
  9. Wishing Tree
  10. Pictured

Luminal (2004)

Luminal charted in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts.

Track listing:

  1. Razz
  2. As The Day Goes By
  3. Stampede
  4. Ten Tons of Dope
  5. London Fields
  6. Tumbledown
  7. Move On
  8. Burning Bright
  9. Poems

High rising (2006)

Features collaborations with Gaudi and UK vocalist Taz.

High rising charted in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts.

Track listing:

  1. White City
  2. Rotorblade
  3. Slate Grey
  4. Viper Style
  5. Beautiful Feeling feat. Taz
  6. Modo
  7. Palmprint feat. Gaudi
  8. Blink
  9. Speedbumps
  10. Allsorts

Brightwhitelight (2008)

Released on Waveform Records. Brightwhitelight charted for three months in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts in the USA, peaking at #6 (November 2008 to February 2009).

Track listing:

  1. The Gift
  2. Eclipse on 5th
  3. Restless
  4. Nightshift
  5. Dune
  6. Under the Sun
  7. Elemental
  8. Sweet Confusion
  9. Waves
  10. Mesh

Thru The Ages (2009)

Thru The Ages contains rare and unreleased material. Originally released via download only, it was subsequently available as a limited edition CD including a bonus track.

Track listing:

  1. City Of Dust
  2. Inside Out
  3. Eyes Wide Open Ft Aine
  4. Union Dub
  5. Vessel And The Deep
  6. Shapeshifter
  7. Wicked Flow
  8. Bunches
  9. Al Takure (Bonus Track CD only)

In The Cool Of The Shade EP (2009)

Download only release.

Track listing:

  1. Departures
  2. Molten
  3. First Light

Spectral EP (2010)

Download only release.

Track listing:

  1. Tale Before Time
  2. Crystal Beam
  3. Corran

KIN Remastered (2010)

Released on Upstream Records.

Track listing:

  1. Gather
  2. Drawn to the woman
  3. Loaf
  4. Pearl
  5. Triangle
  6. Over There
  7. Where The Wild Things Were
  8. Seven Sisters

The Maze (2010)

The Maze charted in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts and #2 in Echoes chart.

Track listing

  1. Gap in the Clouds
  2. A Thousand Colours
  3. Delphine
  4. Acid Cornflats
  5. Midnight Crossing
  6. This Land
  7. Subdub'in
  8. The Lenox
  9. Temple Steps
  10. Afterglow


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