Heroes of Lallor

Heroes of Lallor


caption=Beast Boy, Gas Girl, Duplicate Boy, Life Lass and Evolvo Lad. Art by John Forte.
team_name=Heroes of Lallor
publisher=DC Comics
debut="Adventure Comics" #324 (September 1964)
creators=Edmond Hamilton (script)
John Forte (art)
members=Beast Boy
Duplicate Boy
Evolvo Lad
Gas Girl
Life Lass
subcat=DC Comics
The Heroes of Lallor are a group of fictional superheroes in the DC Comics universe. They appear in stories featured in "Adventure Comics" involving the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Fictional history

The original Heroes of Lallor are five super-powered youths born roughly during the same time period on Lallor, a planet run by a dictatorship. They were born with superpowers after their parents were exposed to atomic radiation. They were raised by the government, but are eventually banished for opposing the dictatorship. First appearing in "Adventure Comics" #324, these heroes have "stronger" powers than the members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. They are tricked into attempting to destroy the Legion by a villain related to the Jungle King, who had died fighting the Legion earlier. During the battle, Duplicate Boy and Shrinking Violet fall in love; they continue their relationship after the truth about the Heroes is discovered. At the end of the story the dictatorship on Lallor is overthrown and the heroes choose to remain on their planet.

In "Adventure Comics" #339, one of the members, Beast Boy, who had been shunned by Lallorian society, flees to a jungle planet, Vorn. There he leads the animals on the planet in a revolt against humans. He dies saving a little girl from an attack by one of the animals. He is buried on Shanghalla, the memorial planet.

The Heroes of Lallor helped the Legion out several times against the Fatal Five and Darkseid. ["Legion" v.2 #294, (December 1982)]

Duplicate Boy and Shrinking Violet break up after she is kidnapped by Imskian rebels and replaced in the Legion by a Durlan named Yera. Violet confronted Duplicate Boy for finding out the truth (he x-rayed the imposter) ["Legion" v.2 #298 (April 1983)] and failing to come to Violet's rescue. ["Legion" v.2 #313 (July 1984)]

The Heroes of Lallor made a single appearance in post-Zero Hour Legion continuity. In "Legionnaires" #49 (Jun 97), they appear in a single panel, being told they cannot go to help the Legion, as they are needed on Lallor. Members shown in this scene are Beast Boy, Gas Girl, and Splitter. Evolvo had previously been established as a member of the Workforce.

Members of Heroes of Lallor

*Beast Boy (Ilshu Nor) -- Able to transform into any animal or beast and duplicate their special abilities. He is not related to Beast Boy, the Teen Titans member.
*Evolvo Lad (Sev Tcheru) -- Able to evolve into a super-intelligent human with a large cranium or devolve into a super-strong Cro-Magnon.
*Duplicate Boy (Ord Quelu or Quelu Ord) -- able to duplicate any super power.
*Life Lass (Somi Gan) -- Able to animate any object.
*Gas Girl (Tal Nahii) -- Able to turn into any gas or vapor.


External links

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