1942 in literature

1942 in literature

The year 1942 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


*André Gide leaves France to live in Tunis.
*Robertson Davies becomes editor of the "Peterborough Examiner".
*Thomas Mann emigrates to California.
*James Hilton wins an Oscar for the screenplay of "Mrs. Miniver".
*"The New York Times" launches influential New York Times Best Seller list.

New fiction books

*John Steinbeck - "The Moon is Down"
*Samuel Hopkins Adams - "The Harvey Girls"
*Henry Bellamann - "Floods of Spring"
*Earl Birney - "David"
*Jean Bruller - "Le Silence de la mer"
*Taylor Caldwell - "The Strong City"
*Albert Camus - "The Stranger" ("L'Étranger")
*John Dickson Carr writing as "Carter Dickson" - "The Gilded Man"
*Joyce Cary - "To Be a Pilgrim"
*Raymond Chandler - "The High Window"
*Agatha Christie - "Five Little Pigs"
*Lloyd C. Douglas - "The Robe"
*Daphne du Maurier - "Frenchman's Creek"
*Rachel Field - "And Now Tomorrow"
*Robert A. Heinlein - "Beyond This Horizon"
*Kalki Krishnamurthy - "Parthiban Kanavu"
*C. S. Lewis - "The Screwtape Letters"
*Janette Sebring Lowrey - "The Poky Little Puppy"
*Beryl Markham - "West with the Night"
*Robert Musil - "The Man Without Qualities"
*Annie Greene Nelson - "After The Storm"
*Ellery Queen - "Calamity Town"
*Raymond Queneau - "Pierrot mon ami"
*Clayton Rawson - "No Coffin for the Corpse"
*Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings - "Cross Creek"
*Nevil Shute - "Pied Piper"
*Curt Siodmak - "Donovan's Brain"
*Clark Ashton Smith - "Out of Space and Time"
*Rex Stout - "Black Orchids"
*Evelyn Waugh - "Put Out More Flags"
*Rebecca West - "Black Lamb and Grey Falcon"
*Cornell Woolrich - "Black Alibi"

New drama

*Jean Anouilh - "Antigone"
*Kaj Munk - "Niels Ebbesen"
*Eugene O'Neill - "A Touch of the Poet" - (not performed until 1958)


*T. S. Eliot - "Little Gidding"


*Albert Camus - "The Myth of Sisyphus (Le Mythe de Sisyphe)"
*Edith Hamilton - "Mythology"
*Aldous Huxley - "The Art of Seeing"
*C. S. Lewis - "A Preface to Paradise Lost"
*Elliot Paul - "The Last Time I Saw Paris"
*Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. - "Picketing Hell"
*Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - "Flight to Arras"


* January 31 - Derek Jarman, director, writer (+ 1994)
* February 1 - Terry Jones, comedian and writer
* March 2 - John Irving, novelist
* April 1 - Samuel R. Delany, novelist and critic
* April 4 - Kitty Kelley, journalist and biographer
* April 6 - Barry Levinson, screenwriter, director and producer
* August 2 - Isabel Allende, novelist
* August 7 - Garrison Keillor, "Lake Wobegon Days" author
* October 23 - Michael Crichton, author
* October 23 - Douglas Dunn, poet
* December 6 - Peter Handke, Austrian novelist
* "date unknown" - Gladys Cardiff, poet
* "date unknown" - Craig Thomas, novelist


*April 24 - Lucy Maud Montgomery, "Anne of Green Gables" novelist
*May 26 - Libero Bovio, Neapolitan dialect poet
*June 30 - Léon Daudet, journalist
*July 20 - Moses Annenberg, publisher
*September 19 - Condé Nast, magazine publisher
*September 26 - Oskar Kraus, philosopher
*October 14 - Cosmo Hamilton, dramatist and novelist
*October 20 - Friedrich Münzer, classical scholar
*23 December - Konstantin Bal'mont, poet
*"date unknown" - Eleanor Stackhouse Atkinson, "Greyfriars Bobby" author


* Carnegie Medal: Denys Watkins-Pitchford
* Frost Medal: Edgar Lee Masters
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction: Arthur Waley, Translation of "Monkey" by Wu Cheng'en
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography: Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede, "Henry Ponsonby: Queen Victoria's Private Secretary"
* Newbery Medal for children's literature: Walter D. Edmonds, "The Matchlock Gun"
* Nobel Prize for literature: "not awarded"
* Pulitzer Prize for Drama: "not awarded"
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: William Rose Benet, "The Dust Which Is God"
* Pulitzer Prize for the Novel: Ellen Glasgow, "In This Our Life"

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