Cass Corridor

Cass Corridor

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The Cass Corridor, in Detroit, Michigan, is carved out of the shell regions of what was once a thriving downtown area. The corridor's main street is Cass Avenue, which runs parallel with Woodward Avenue, a main Detroit artery running north towards suburban neighborhoods. Though Cass runs from Congress Street, ending a few miles further north at West Grand Boulevard, the Cass Corridor generally is defined as between I-75 at its southern end and Wayne State University to the north, and stretches from Woodward to the east and Third Street to the west.

Significant landmarks include the Detroit Masonic Temple (the world's largest building of its kind [ Masonic Temple Of Detroit- History ] ] ), Cass Technical High School and the Metropolitan Institute for High Technology are all located along Cass.

Culturally, the Cass Corridor is a significant district. "Creem", which billed itself as "America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine," had its headquarters in the area. The student population contributes to the bohemian atmosphere in Cass Corridor. The artistic community has produced a number of significant artistsFact|date=July 2008.

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