Emblem of Turkey

Emblem of Turkey

The Republic of Turkey does not have an official coat of arms. Instead, there exists a logo used by many government institutions. Fact|date=May 2008 The logo is a red oval containing a vertically-oriented crescent and star from the Turkish flag surrounded by the official name of the country in Turkish. The symbol on the cover page of Turkish passports is simply the star and crescent moon.

In 1925, the Ministry of Education ("Maarif Vekili, now Eğitim Bakanlığı") initiated a competition to select a national coat of arms. The winner was the design by painter Namık İsmail Bey. However, the choice was not approved as an official coat of arms. This coat of arms contained a vertical crescent and star and a wolf.

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* Ottoman coat of arms
* Flag of Turkey


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