Agincourt Collegiate Institute

Agincourt Collegiate Institute

name= Agincourt Collegiate Institute

motto= Ad Omnia Paratus
motto_translation= Prepared for all things
streetaddress= 2621 Midland Avenue
city= Agincourt
province= Ontario
postalcode= M1S 1R6
coordinates= coord|43|47|20|N|79|16|45|W|region:CA-ON_type:landmark|display=inline,title
areacode= 416
phone= 396-6675
fax= 396-6714
url= [ Agincourt Collegiate Institute]
schoolnumber= 890723
schoolboard= Toronto District School Board
superintendent= Colleen Russell
trustee= Shaun Chen
affiliation= none
principal= L. Papathanasakis
viceprincipal= D. Caruana
J. Dusenbury
schooltype= Public High school
grades= 9-12
language= English, French
mascot= Lancer
colours= Forest green and white
founded= 1915
enrollment= 1600 (Fall 2008)
bgcolor_section= #208820

Agincourt Collegiate Institute (ACI) is a secondary school (or high school) located in Agincourt, Toronto, Ontario. The school, founded in 1915, as Agincourt Continuation School, became Agincourt High School in 1954, and Agincourt Collegiate Institute in 1957. A.C.I is the oldest secondary school in the former Scarborough. It is a part of the Toronto District School Board.

Currently its feeder schools are Ecole Sir Ernest MacMillan Senior Public School, Henry Kelsey Senior Public School, and Sir Alexander Mackenzie Senior Public School.

Story of Agincourt CI

As a school, Agincourt Collegiate strives to meet the needs of an ever-changing community, . In addition to the wide variety of regular programs, Agincourt offers E.S.L., Special Education and French programs, and Co-operative Education as they prepare to enter the world of work. The school body has a strong sense that students can help other students through mentoring, student tutoring, and peer helping. Senior students can apply to act as teaching assistants. They help other students right in the classroom and, in doing so, gain valuable experience. Their motto is Ad Omnia Paratus, "Prepared for all Things" and is illustrated by the involvement of many students in championship sports, and business and technological competitions.


ACI is located in the region of Agincourt, one of the most Asian communities in Scarborough. As such, 76%cite web |url=|title= Agincourt Collegiate Institute|accessdate=2008-05-04 |year= 2008|work= |publisher= Toronto District School Board|format=PDF] of the student body does not speak English as their primary language. This is related to the 18% who have lived in Canada for five years or less.

School songs

"The Green and White"
"Stand up and give a cheer for Agincourt.
"We'll always do our best for Agincourt.
"Our colors standing high
"Forever they will fly.
"The green and White
"Will make us fight
"For A.C.I.
"Ad Omnia Paratus" , shout it loud;
"Our motto will forever make us proud.
"We'll honour this old school,
"And bring it fame anew.
"Stand up for Agincourt"Lancer Cheer"
"Oh L - A- N,
"C - E - R - S,
"Oh L - A - N - C - E - R - S,
"Oh Lancers are the best!
"Oh L - A - N - C - E - R - S,
"A - G - I - N - C - O - U - R - T
"Let's go!"

Special features

*Immersion and Extended French courses in all grades and various courses
*Full spectrum of performance-based, award-winning music programs

French programme

Agincourt also offers French Immersion and Extended French programs from Grades 9 through 12. Students have the opportunity of studying various subject areas such as français, arts dramatiques, arts visuels, éducation physique, mathématique, géographie, histoire, informatique. After accumulating the required number of credits, students receive an Immersion or Extended French Bilingual Certificate with possible honours.

Seasonal sports teams (incomplete)

*Junior Boy's Basketball
*Junior Boy's Field Lacrosse
*Senior Boy's Basketball
*Senior Boy's Field Lacrosse
*Varsity Boy's Indoor Soccer
*Varsity Boy's Outdoor Soccer
*Boy's Cricket
*Boy's Football
*Boy's Golf
*Boy's Ice Hockey
*Boy's Rugby
*Boy's Softball
*Boy's Volleyball
*Girl's Basketball
*Girl's Field Hockey
*Girl's Flag Football
*Girl's Golf
*Girl's Ice Hockey
*Girl's Rugby
*Girl's Slowpitch
*Girl's Volleyball
*Co-ed Archery
*Co-ed Badminton
*Co-ed Cricket
*Co-ed Cross Country
*Co-ed Curling
*Co-ed Swimming
*Co-ed Track and Field
*Co-ed Tennis
*Co-ed Ultimate
*Co-ed Volleyball

Clubs and groups (incomplete)

*AAA (Agincourt Anime Association)
*AAC (Agincourt Athletic Council)
*AACC (Agincourt African-Caribbean Council)
*ABC (Agincourt Business Council)
*ACA (Agincourt Chinese Association)
*ACC (Agincourt Computer Council)
*ADC (Agincourt Designing Committee)
*AEC (Agincourt Environmental Council)
*AGO (Agincourt Go Organization)
*AMC (Agincourt Music Council)
*ASA (Artists Society of Agincourt)
*AVC (Agincourt Volunteer Council)
*ESP (Empowered Student Partnership)
*MSA (Muslim Students Association)
*SAC (Student Activity Council)
*Badminton Club
*Card Club
*Dance Club
*Debate Club
*Drama Company
*Eye on A.C.I. [cite web |url=|title= Eye on A.C.I.|accessdate=2008-05-04]
*Friends of Little 'A'
*Library Club
*Multi-Cultural Association (Colours)
*Newspaper Club
*Ping Pong Club
*Reach for the Top
*Robotics Club
*Snowboarding Club
*Stage Crew
*Tamil Student Association
*Teens 4 Christ
*United Students Take Action
*Weight Training Club
*Yearbook Committee

Music program

ACI is well known for their award winning music program. [cite web |url=|title= ACI Music|accessdate=2008-05-04|publisher=Agincourt Collegiate Institute Music Department] All music students (except those of MIDI, guitar, and jazz classes) form their respective musical groups. The Wind Ensemble (junior band) is led by Mr. Church, the Junior Stage Band (junior jazz band) is led by Mr. Lum who also conducts the Wind Symphony. The Concert Orchestra, and the Chamber Orchestra are led by Mrs. O'Reilly. Mr. Pinhorn teaches MIDI (which is an electronic form of piano creating short tunes), and also teaches vocal and handles the choirs.

Current music groups

First being the lowest and third being the highest.

Instrumental (Winds) & Jazz (Stage Bands)

trings & Choirs

All choirs are led by Mr. Church, Mrs. O'Reilly, Mr. Pinhorn, and Mrs. Allilomis.

MIDI & Others

All junior and senior MIDI classes are headed by Mr. Pinhorn.

Recent events

The Festival Winds and the Stage Band were invited to attend a national music competition in the 2005-2006 year. In the 2006-2007, the Agincourt Senior Jazz band will have a chance to go to Shanghai along with several students from neighboring school Sir Alexander Mackenzie Senior Public School. This will occur sometime in mid-March.

The ACI music program has received wide recognition when the Wind Symphony performed on music Monday while City TV was filming the band live in the 2005-2006 year.

Notable Staff

ACI has a few faculty members who have some recognition on their own.

Jim Veltman

Jim Veltman is the former captain for the Toronto Rock, a team in the National Lacrosse League (NLL), and widely regarded as one of the best indoor lacrosse players in the world. For the 2004 NLL season, he was named league MVP. He was Awarded the nickname of "scoop" atfter he scooped his 2000th career loose ball, now he coaches the Toronto Rocks After his retirement on April 2008. Off the floor, he is a physical education teacher at ACI, where he coaches the lacrosse team.

Anthony Capotosto

Is the head coach [cite web |url=|title= Anthony Capotosto named Men's Soccer Coach|accessdate=2008-05-04 |author= |date= 2007-01-12|work= Varsity Blues web site|publisher= University of Toronto] for the men's soccer team of the Varsity Blues and a player of the Toronto Blues F.C. A former Blues player and captain, he is a five-time OUA all-star and the OUA East league MVP in 2000 and 2001. He holds a Canadian National 'B' coaching license and United States Soccer Federation National 'C' and 'Y' licenses.

Notable alumni

* Jim Carrey, actor, attended, but later dropped out. [cite web |url=|title= Jim Carrey|accessdate=2008-05-04 |work= NNDB|publisher= Soylent Communications]
* Anson Carter, NHL hockey player, graduated.
* Arjei Franklin, CFL player, graduated.
* Kathy Greenwood, comedian and actor, graduated.
* Brad Park, former NHL hockey player, member of the Hockey Hall of Fame
* Jan Carinci, former CFL player
* Dean Dorsey, former CFL player
* Gary Jarrett, former NHL hockey player, graduated.
* Bill Crothers, 1964 Tokyo Olympics 800 metres SILVER medallist, Canada's Top Male Athlete, 1964, Member of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame (1971)


*ACI won the 1998-1999 Scarborough Reach for the Top championship, going on to compete in the Provincial Championships. In 2006-2007, they finished in second place in the Toronto East Division, advancing to Provincials again.
*All of the performing musical groups have received numerous awards including a Kiwanis Festival 2nd place (2005-2006).
*Two students made it to the international DECA competition in Florida (2006-2007)
*Agincourt had 35 awards at the Provincial DECA competition and 5 students achieved honours at the internationals in Atlanta, Georgia


External links

* [ Agincourt CI]
* [ Agincourt Music Department Website]
* [ Class of 94]
* [ Cheerleading Squad] (4 years old)
* [ Alumni Website]
* [ Agincourt Newsletter]

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