Újpest-Központ (Budapest Metro)

Újpest-Központ (Budapest Metro)

Budapest Metro station

type=Cut-and-cover underground terminus
platforms=2 side platforms
depth=8.27 m
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Újpest-Központ ("Central Újpest") is the northern terminus of the M3 Line (North-South line) of the Budapest Metro. It is located in District IV under the east-west Árpád Road, at its intersection with the north-south István Road.

The station directly serves District IV in the city centre (Újpest) and its panelák housing estates (c. 50,000 residents), but the terminus attracts commuters from throughout District IV, the large housing estates of Káposztásmegyer (c. 25,000 residents) to the north (the promised future terminus), and neighboring District XVI to the east. A large number of bus lines and two tram lines have stops at Újpest-Központ, making it the most important transportation hub of its district.

The station was initially planned to be a temporary terminus, much like Árpád híd when that station was built, but the line was never extended to Káposztásmegyer and it has been the terminus 14th December 1990.


* Bus: 20, 25A Express, 30, 96 Express, 96A Express, 104, 120, 147, 170 Express, TESCO-bus
* Tram: 12, 14

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* [http://metros.hu/images/gal/mukod/m3_vege01.jpgAfter Újpest-Központ, where trains turn round]
* [http://metros.hu/images/gal/mukod/m3_vege01.jpgAfter Újpest-Központ, end of 3rd line]

Budapest Metro M3

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