High School attached to Tsinghua University

High School attached to Tsinghua University

p=Qīnghuá Dàxué Fùshŭ Zhōngxué

The High School Attached to Tsinghua University (or Tsinghua High School) is one of the most prestigious high schools in China. Founded in 1915 in Beijing, this historic school has experienced many significant moments in China's history as well as playing an active role in many of them.

General Introduction

The High School Attached to Tsinghua University grew out of Cheng Zhi School (zh-tsp|t=成志學校|s=成志学校|p=Chéngzhì Xuéxiào) founded in 1915, where Dr. Chen Ning Yang, Nobel Prize in Physics laureate, once attended the primary class. His inscription, "To strive to come up to world standards" for his Alma Mater, encourage this school to march towards the goal of domestic first-rate and world standard. This school is a high school attached to Tsinghua University under direct administration of the Ministry of Education, a key school of Beijing municipality with highly developed traditional sports and track and field events. Entrusted by the Ministry of National Education, our school runs a “science class of senior middle school for experiment” and a “John Ma athletic class of junior and senior middle school” which enrol new students from all parts of China, and produce widespread influence on the whole nation.

Surroundings for study

The school is located in the Northern part of picturesque Tsinghua University campus, close by the famous Yuan Ming Yuan palace in the west with elegant and quiet and tasteful surroundings and profound cultural atmosphere. The complete life facilities make the pupils be constantly affected by the strong university atmosphere. The school owes help and support to Tsinghua University in many aspects, and many experts and professors often come down to teach the pupils, and the laboratories, teaching devices, the library and the swimming pool of the university are always ready to serve the pupils. Over half the number of the pupils of the school live on the campus thus having more chances of training themselves in self reliance, taking care of themselves and improving their ability of public communication in daily work and life.

Guiding Principles

The High School Attached to Tsinghua University has accumulated rich experiences in its development of 84 years. Quality education has always been taken as a key principle by putting into effect the policy of training the pupils to become public servants. Great efforts have been made in teaching and management to serve the purpose with help from the pupils’ families and the outside world. Importance has been attached to the pupils' activities of science and technology, recreation and sports, and to the training of pupils’ social communication. The school life appears to be colorful with so many activities organized by pupils' associations such as science and technology, astronomy, literature associations and military band and dance association and chorus, football, basketball, table tennis, swimming and track and field teams.

The teaching and training of the high school are characterised by the following:

#Importance is attached to moral education with stress on idealism, ethics and measure of value for senior middle school pupils. Military training is arranged in the first year and agricultural practice in the second year and ideological education in the third year, and this has become a traditional and characteristic practice in our school.
#Stress is laid on fostering the students' various good qualities and developing their capacity of solving problems. The students are encouraged to study on their own and to bring forth new ideas by the principle of concise teaching content and of being strict but flexible.
#Great attention is paid to strengthening research for education science, and keenly finding the pattern of the teaching and training in middle school.
#A special style of linking up the high school education to that of college has been formed by making full use of help and support from Tsinghua University.

The goal we shall achieve by 2010 when we celebrate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the school is to set up an important elementary education base of linking up middle school education to that of college, to develop quality education and training and bringing up pupils characteristic of high quality, and creativeness, and a teaching and research center where we can modernize and reform the old educational system and sum up the advanced teaching experiences thus setting an example to nationwide educational field. We will build our school into China's first-rate exemplary high school with most effective leading body, best teachers, teaching quality, management, teaching facilities and beautiful campus and a world famous Chinese high school which will take an active part in the international educational and cultural exchanges.

The High School Attached to Tsinghua University shall achieve the goal of training and bringing up pupils with great ideals, noble character, versatile minds and special knowledge. Our school spirit is “Unity, keeping forging ahead, simplicity and contribution”. Our style of study is “being strict, hardworking, being practical and being creative”. “I am proud of the High School Attached to Tsinghua University today and the High School Attached to Tsinghua University is going to be proud of me tomorrow!” has become the common heartfelt wishes of all the pupils!


In history, many famous scholars worked in our school such as well-known scientists Prof. Zhou Peiyuan and Qian Weichang, philosopher Prof. Feng Youlan, literati Mr. Zhu Ziqing and language educationist Mr. Zhang Xiong etc. For years, well-known scholars and academicians from Tsinghua University, Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions of higher learning have been regularly invited to the school to give lectures and instructions both in the classroom and outside it. At present, a group of professors from Tsinghua University are teaching the pupils of “senior middle school science experimental class” and “John Ma athletic class” of our school. Top grade and nationwide famous teachers such as Mr. Kong Lingyi, Ms. Yan Jiazhen, Ms. Shao Guangyan etc. are constantly emerging. A contingent of more than 20 leading and key teachers in different courses of Beijing municipality and Haidian District has formed. Senior teachers have constituted over 50% of the total number in our school. Among them, are 7 middle-aged and young backbone teachers of Beijing municipality (Mr. Wang Yingmin, Mr. Xie Juzhao, Ms. Chen Hong, Ms. Du Yuzhen, Ms. Cui Qi, Ms. Liu Huixia and Mr. Liu Gaiwei), 18 leading teachers in different courses of Haidian District, and 5 teachers who work as instructors for pupils doing scientific experiments and other activities outside school. Masters can always bring up top pupils. These well-known professors and outstanding teachers teach the scientific research method and latest information to the pupils, thus pushing forward the development of multi-medium and network teaching, and making the school lessons more interesting to the pupils, and encouraging the pupils to bring forth new ideas, and raising the teaching and scientific research level and improving the education quality of our school. The school attaches importance to the international exchanges and create conditions for improving the students' foreign language and broadening students' outlook by inviting foreign teachers.

Some of the school's teachers have been commended many times by Education Ministry, Beijing municipal government, Haidian District authority and Tsinghua University. Mr. Xu Zhong-yuan, the vice-principal, got the title of outstanding teacher of Beijing municipality. Ms. Zhou Jie, another vice-principal has got the title of outstanding moral education worker of Beijing municipality. Mr. Xie Juzhao, Ms. Han Qingying, Mr. Li Xueshen, and Ms. Li Zeng-ling are commended as excellent teachers in charge of a class in Beijing municipality awarded “Forbidden Cup”.

Achievement in teaching and training

Since 1983, the High School graduates have entered key institutes of higher learning every year, and 100% of the pupils entered college, among them, more than 1000 graduates entered Tsinghua University and Peking University. Since 1988, at the international middle school pupils' "Olympic" competitions of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and information science, 16 students of the school have altogether won 18 prize medals, among them, 13 are gold ones. At the international and national games of middle school students', students of the school have won 36 medals, among them, 7 are gold medals and 21 are silver medals. 14 students of the school have won the gold-sail and silver-sail prize of Beijing municipality successively.

Thanks to its remarkable achievements in running the school, they have been commended by departments of all levels successively. The honor titles our school won are as follows:

"The advanced school of moral education" (1988) and “the nationwide advanced school of experimental training after school” (1993) entitled by the Ministry of National Education.

“The advanced school achieving remarkable successes in an all-round way teaching and training the top pupils who do well in some of the courses” (1993) and “the model school coming up to the demanded standards of physical education” (1996) entitled by Beijing municipality.

“The advanced school of the popularization of experiment teaching”(1996) and “the experimental school of education modernization project” (1996) entitled by Haidian District educational authority.

Recent events

From August 3 - August 8 2005, Tsinghua High was invited to join the Hong Kong International Model United Nations (HKIMUN2005), together with four other mainland China high schools. Its two delegations were awarded "Best delegation" and "Best delegation mention" respectively.

Notable alumni

*Chen Luyu, Phoenix TV hostess
*Duan Yongji, President of Stone Group
*Li Deping, researcher at the Academia Sinica
*Li Eding, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Engineering)
*Liu Yandong, Vice-director of the United Front Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
*Lu Jun, football referee
*Shi Tiesheng, Writer
*Wu Xiaoyan, musician
*Yang Wei, Tsinghua University professor
*Yang Zhenning, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics
*Zhang Chengzhi, writer
*Zhang Hongmin, CCTV announcer


*Northwest of Tsinghua University, ZhongGuanCun Bei Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100084

Friendship School

* St. Paul's Co-educational College, Hong Kong, China
* Gig Harbor High School, Washington, United States
* Schule Schloss Salem, Germany

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