Bushwacker (comics)

Bushwacker (comics)


caption=Cover art to Daredevil #335.
real_name=Carl Burbank
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut=Daredevil #248 (Nov. 1987)
creators=Ann Nocenti
Rick Leonardi
alliances=Hood Army
Typhoid Mary
powers=Ability to reshape cybernetic arms into various ballistic weapons and flamethrower
Regenerative healing factor|

Bushwacker (Carl Burbank) is a fictional character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe who is primarily an enemy of Daredevil, although he has had dealings with The Punisher and Wolverine. He first appeared in "Daredevil" #248.

Fictional character biography

Originally a priest, Carl Burbank abandoned his vows following the drug-related deaths of young parishioners. He joined the C.I.A., which outfitted him with a cybernetic arm and made him an assassin under the codename Bushwacker, but ultimately he became a freelancer.

At some point, an event took place that compelled Bushwacker to begin a war against all mutants. Bushwacker began hunting and assassinating mutants, most often those mutants whose abilities Bushwacker perceived as making them especially talented in the arts. (Bushwacker also claimed that he was paid large sums of money to kill mutants, but this has yet to be verified.) Burbank's killing spree brought him into conflict with both Wolverine and Daredevil. Wolverine learned of Bushwacker's activities and began to hunt the killer himself. At the same time, Bushwacker's wife Marilyn believed her husband was insane and needed to be placed in a hospital. She sought aid from lawyer Matt Murdock (secretly the hero Daredevil). Daredevil found Wolverine fighting Bushwacker, and he would have killed him if Daredevil hadn’t stopped him. Unfortunately, this allowed Bushwacker to escape and continue his rampage. Bushwacker was ultimately tracked down and defeated by the two heroes, which left the right side of his face horribly scarred, and he was placed in police custody. ["Daredevil" #249]

Later, Bushwacker joined with Typhoid Mary and other Daredevil-foes in a plan to beat up their common enemy. After the completion of the plan, Mary took Daredevil's body, and Bushwacker was left to his own activities. ["Daredevil" #259-260]

Entering the Kingpin's employ, Burbank attacked the Punisher but was left for dead. It was during this time that his wife finally left him. ["Punisher War Journal" #12-13] He reappeared in the employ of drug lord Nick Lambert who hired Bushwacker to kill reporter Ben Urich who was about to run a story of his illegal activities. Instead, when Bushwacker learned the truth, he allowed Urich to live and to complete the exposé. However, it was Bushwacker that was proved right, as the drug lord managed to bribe himself out of jail. Bushwacker shot him, instead. ["Daredevil Annual" #5] Bushwacker was later freed by Deathlok II from captivity by Mecha Doom. ["Deathlok" #5]

Subsequent jobs brought him into conflict with Daredevil, Nomad, the Punisher, Boomerang, and Elektra. His run-in with Nomad, in particular, was over the life of a young baby that Nomad had taken under his care. The baby was the daughter of Troy Donohue, Burbank's ex-brother-in-law, and Bushwacker hoped was that his wife would approve of the rescue and welcome him back.

Raft/Civil War

Imprisoned in villan holding facillity the Raft, Burbank escapes during the mass breakout engineered by Electro. Burbank is subsequently employed by the Jackal to kill the Punisher, but he is defeated once again by Daredevil. Afterward, Bushwacker creates a disturbance downtown and took a girl hostage to lure the Punisher out of hiding and kill him. The Punisher shows up as expected but Bushwacker is defeated by S.H.I.E.L.D. operative G. W. Bridge and put back in jail.


The Hood has hired him as part of his criminal organization to take advantage of the split in the superhero community caused by the Superhuman Registration Act. He helped them fight the New Avengers but was taken down by Doctor Strange.

As part of the Hood's gang, he later joins the fight against the Skrull invading force in New York City. ["Secret Invasion" #6]

Powers and abilities

Bushwacker's right arm has been altered bionically so that it can function as a gun. He can fire bullets from his index finger as if his hand were a pistol. Using his left hand he can alter the configuration of his right arm, allowing it to function in several modes which replicate the effects of a number of weapons, including a machine gun and a shotgun. He employs powerful gadgets and weapons, most notably a flamethrower, all of which can be created by the mechanical prostheses that have replaced his forearms. He manages to load the weapons by swallowing ammo, such as bullets or flamethrower fuel. Bushwacker's skin can liquefy to seal wounds. There are some versions that take this a step further, having Bushwacker be able to use highly concussive energy weaponry (very similar to that of Iron Man or War Machine), and even be able to morph his arm into blades as a last resort.

In the Daredevil vs. Punisher miniseries it was implied that his powers are actually a natural mutation.

Bushwacker has been trained in CIA hand-to-hand combat techniques, and is trained in infiltration and assassination. He also has familiarity with the workings of international intelligence agencies and their methods.

In other media

Bushwacker played a role in "The Punisher" video game, working for the Gnucci family. He first appears after having kidnapped Punisher's neighbor, Joan, and threatening to kill her in Central Zoo. After Punisher rescues Joan, Punisher kills off Eddie Gnucci (at his brother's funeral), forcing Ma Gnucci to call Bushwacker to her house to protect her. Castle uses flashbang grenades against him. After being beaten, his cybernetic arm is ripped out and he is severely injured by the Punisher.

In the 1993 arcade Punisher game, Bushwacker is a boss the player fights on a train.


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