Otasco (band)

Otasco (band)
Genres Rock
Years active 2001-present
Labels Apocalypse the Apocalypse
Website Official Website
Dag Luther Gooch
Adam Breidenbach
Kevin Hurstell
Scott Larmann
Past members
Rusty Durio
Darby Clarke

Otasco was a rock band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana started by singer and songwriter Dag Luther Gooch. Formed in 2001, Otasco was formed from the leftovers of two previous bands The Midbang Lounge and Training Brah, both of which Gooch was a member.



The Midbang Lounge

The Midbang Lounge was started by Dag Luther Gooch and featured Chris Turpin on bass guitar and Adam Breidenbach on drums. Neither Turpin nor Breidenbach was familiar with their respective instruments. Later Andrew Black (of the band Slobot) was added on lead guitar. Their only release was The Constant Dripping Sounds of The Midbang Lounge.

Training Brah

Training Brah was a collaborative effort between three songwriters/musicians Rusty Durio, Darby Clarke and Gooch. Gooch was to play drums on all of the songs the other two wrote and guitar on his own. Training Brah played exactly one time. The show an opening slot for Weezer side-project The Special Goodness. The performance was marred by drunken bickering between Durio and Gooch and resulted in most of the songs' incompletion and the eventual walk-off of Durio during the only Gooch-written number. After a shouting match over the heads of the crowd between Gooch onstage and Durio at the back of the bar, the band broke up. Special Goodness drummer Lee Loretta later questioned the booking agent about whether or not the fight was real. He was informed that it most certainly was. He laughingly suggested that if Training Brah could break up every night that he would love to take them on tour.


In 2002, Gooch regrouped with Breidenbach and Clarke and used songs from both Midbang Lounge and Training Brah as a springboard. In 2003 they were invited by Fred Weaver to record a CD for his Apocalypse the Apocalypse label with Durio taking on the roll of producer. After recording this first release, This Product is Extremely Delicious, Durio took the role of bassist and was later joined by Kevin Hurstell (of Slobot) on lead guitar. In the summer of 2004, Otasco began recording their second release Hubris, but, perhaps due to laziness, the CD did not get finished until late the following summer. During that time Durio's roll as bassist was taken by Breidenbach whose spot as drummer was filled by Scott Larmann (then living in New Orleans). Two months later Hurricane Katrina would put an end to the band as it existed before its last CD was released.

This Product and Hubris both feature a host of guest musicians including members of Lambchop (Willy Tyler), The Breakfast Club (Paul Kauk), The Myrtles (Lee Barbier, Casey McCallister), Reception is Suspected (Noah Danos, Sam Anselmo) and The Eames Era (Ashlynn Philips) among others.

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