North Filton Platform railway station

North Filton Platform railway station
North Filton Platform
Place Filton
Area South Gloucestershire
Coordinates 51°31′02″N 2°34′22″W / 51.5171°N 2.5728°W / 51.5171; -2.5728Coordinates: 51°31′02″N 2°34′22″W / 51.5171°N 2.5728°W / 51.5171; -2.5728
Grid reference ST603799
Original company Great Western Railway
Pre-grouping Great Western Railway
Post-grouping Great Western Railway
9 May 1910 (1910-05-09) Opened as Filton Halt
22 March 1915 Closed
1926 Reopened as North Filton Platform
23 November 1964 Regular services ceased
12 May 1986 Formal closure
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North Filton Platform was a railway station which served the northern part of Filton, Gloucestershire, England. It was on the railway line between Filton and Avonmouth, and was situated on the western side of Gloucester Road (the present A38).


The junctions in the Filton/Patchway/Stoke Gifford area. North Filton Platform was to the west of Filton West Junction.[1]

The railway line between Stoke Gifford Junction and Holesmouth Junction (Avonmouth), now known as the Henbury Loop Line, was opened by the Great Western Railway (GWR) on 9 May 1910, together with the Filton West Loop (Filton Junction to Filton West Junction).[2] Among the stations on that line which opened the same day was one originally known as Filton Halt. It closed less than five years later, on 22 March 1915.[3]

It was reopened either on 12 July 1926[4] or on 20 September 1926,[5] and was now known as North Filton Platform.[4]

Regular passenger services ceased from 23 November 1964, but official closure did not occur until 12 May 1986.[6]


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