Nano Ružin

Nano Ružin

Nano Ružin (Macedonian Cyrillic: Нано Ружин) (born 31 July 1952 in Valandovo) is a Macedonian professor of political and social sciences, Ex-Macedonian Ambassador to Nato, and was the presidential candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) for the Macedonian presidential election in 2009, the first round of which took place on 22 March 2009.



Ružin graduated at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Belgrade University in 1975. And finished his Post-Graduate studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb 1982. Before he graduated in Zagreb, Nano spent 1 year of preparations in Paris at the Sorbonne-Paris 1 University. In 1981, he was admitted at the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris, where he worked with French professor Alfred Grosser. In 1986, he received his Ph.D. In 1987 he began to work at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. In 1991, he forms several NGOs:

  • Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA)
  • JEF (Young European Federalist)
  • European Movement

From early 1994 to late 2001, he was elected a Member of the Parliament of Macedonia twice (1994, 1998) In 2001, he was nominated by president Boris Trajkovski to serve Macedonia as an Ambassador to NATO, in Brussels, where he remained until April 2008. In March 2008, he received the Belgian Award ," Diplomat of the Year" from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Diplomatic News magazine for year 2007. He was nominated by the Liberal Democratic Party to represent it at the 2009 presidential elections.

Books and Articles

He wrote 15 books in the domain of the International Relationships and Social-Policy Studies and around 400 published articles for various newspapers. His latest book is " Nato in the Contemporary and International Relationships".

Family and personal life

Nano is married with Danica Ružin who is a professional diplomat. He is the father of two sons, Alexander (28) and Marko (20) He was a semi-professional handball player at Beton and Metalurg Clubs in Skopje and at the Racing Club de France in Paris. He is a fan of Rock Music.


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