Liberal Democratic Party (Republic of Macedonia)

Liberal Democratic Party (Republic of Macedonia)

The Liberal Democratic Party (Macedonian: Либерално-Демократска Партија, "Liberalno-Demokratska Partija") is a liberal party in the Republic of Macedonia. The Liberal Democratic Party was launched in April 1997 as a merger between the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party. The first leader of the LDP was Petar Goshev from the Democrats, who was also the last president of the League of Communists of Macedonia. When the former Liberal Party was reestablished in 1999, significant portion of former Liberal Party has remained in the LDP.

At the legislative elections, 15 september 2002, the party won 12 out of 120 seats as part of the Together for Macedonia alliance, led by the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia and the Liberal Democratic Party.After the 2002 elections it participated in the government together with the SDSM and the DUI.

After the last parliamentary elections, held on July 5, 2006, the Liberal Democratic Party did not remain in government.

Since 1994 the LDP is a member of Liberal International. The LDP is also an affiliate member of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party. Its current leader is Risto Penov.

President from 2006 is Jovan Manasijevski

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