Kalarippayattu stick fighting

Kalarippayattu stick fighting

Stick fighting as practiced in Kalarippayattu:

  • Kurunthadi (also spelled cheruvadi, kuruvadi) or muchan is the name for a wooden stick. It derived its name from its length of three chans. Its length is equal to two and half feet (76 cm). It is practiced as the second part of kolthari stage of kalari payat. It is usually made from the wood of the tamarind tree. It is practiced as the basics of dagger fighting
  • An otta (Malayalam: ഒട്ട) is a wooden stick with an S-shaped curve from India. The curve of an otta represents an elephant's tusk, and it has a rounded tip. In kalaripayat, the otta is considered to be the master weapon, the most difficult of the first three weapons students are introduced to. Students learn 18 sequences with the otta. [1] Wielders of the otta use it to strike the marma (vital points) of their opponent's body. [2]
  • A shareeravadi (Malayalam: ശരീരവഡി śarīravaḍi) is a bamboo staff having a length extending from the wielder's neck to the feet. It is practiced as the first part of the kolthari stage of the northern style of kalaripayat. It is practiced as the basics of using a spear, and the commands used while using a shareeravadi are the same as those of using a spear.


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