Minister of Finance (South Africa)

Minister of Finance (South Africa)
South Africa

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The Minister of Finance is a minister in the Cabinet of South Africa who is the political head of the National Treasury. The Minister of Finance is responsible for the financial management of government affairs, drawing up the budget, and developing economic policy (in cooperation with the Minister of Economic Development and the Minister of Trade and Industry). The Minister of Finance is also responsible for Statistics South Africa and the South African Revenue Service.

Pravin Gordhan is the incumbent minister, having succeeded Trevor Manuel in 2009.


# Name Party Term
1 Henry Charles Hull (1866-1942) South African Party 1910–1912
2 Jan Smuts (1870-1950) South African Party 1912–1915
3 David Pieter de Villiers Graaff (1859-1931) South African Party 1915–1916
4 Henry Burton (1857-1937) South African Party 1916–1917
5 Thomas Orr (1870-1950) South African Party 1917–1920
6 Henry Burton (1857-1937) South African Party 1920–1924
7 Nicolaas Havenga (1882-1957) National Party 1924–1939
8 Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr (1894-1948) United Party 1939–1948
9 Claud Sturrock (1882-1958) United Party 1948
10 Nicolaas Havenga (1882-1957) National Party 1948–1954
11 Eric Louw (1890-1968) National Party 1954–1956
12 Jozua François Naudé (1889-1969) National Party 1956–1961
13 Theophilus Donges (1898-1968) National Party 1961–1967
14 Nicolaas Johannes Diederichs (1903-1978) National Party 1967–1975
15 Owen Horwood (1916-1998) National Party 1975–1984
16 Barend du Plessis (born in 1940) National Party 1984–1992
17 Derek Keys (born in 1934) National Party 1992–1994
18 Chris Liebenberg (born in 1934) Non-affiliated 1994–1996
19 Trevor Manuel (born in 1956) ANC 1996-2009
20 Pravin Gordhan (born in 1949) ANC since 2009

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