Monastir Vilayet

Monastir Vilayet
ولايت مناستر
Vilâyet-i Manastır
Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire



Location of Monastir Vilayet
Monastir Vilayet in 1900
Capital Bitola (Manastır)[1]
 - Established 1864
 - Disestablished 1912
 - 1911[2] 1,069,789 
Today part of  Albania

The Vilayet of Monastir[3] (Ottoman Turkish: ولايت مناستر, Vilâyet-i Manastır)[4] was an Ottoman vilayet, created in 1864. The Monastir Vilayet was occupied during the First Balkan War in 1912 and later divided between Principality of Albania, Kingdom of Greece and Kingdom of Serbia.



There have been a number of estimates about the ethnicity and the religious affiliation of the local population. The last onw was published on December 21, 1912.[5] According of this publication on 1912 the total population of 747,000 inhabitants. The vilayet was predominantly inhabited by Bulgarians which were Christian and Albanians, most of which were Muslims.

Official statistic of 1912 on Vilajet Monastir[5]
Ethnicity Number
Bulgarians Christian 331,000
Albanians Muslim 219,000
Wallachs Orthodox 65,000
Greeks Orthodox 62,000
Mixed 35,000
Bulgarians Muslim 24,000
Turks Muslim 11,500
Total 747,000

Administrative divisions

Admiistrative division of Monastir Vilayet before 1912[6]

  • Sanjak of Monastir: Kazas of Monastir, Pirlepe, Florina, Kıraçova and Ohri
  • Sanjak of Serfice (Between 1864-1867 and 1873–1892): Kazas of Serfice, Kozana, Alasonya, Cuma (Its center was Serfice Cuması, present name is unknown), Nasliç and Grebne.
  • Sanjak of Dibra: Kazas of Debre-i Bala, Mat, Debre-i Zir (Its center was Piskopoya), Rakalar (Now in Republic of Macedonia and present name is unknown).
  • Sanjak of Elbasan (İlbasan): Kazas of İlbasan, Grameç and Peklin
  • Sanjak of Görice: Kazas of Görice, İstarova, Kolonya (Its center was Ersek) and Kesriye.


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