Drosaico of Narentia
Župan of Narentia or Marians (chief, lord, count, duke)[B]
Narentines in the 9th century
Reign fl. 836-839
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Uneslaf and Diodur

Drosaico[A] was a South Slavic[1] župan[2] (duke) of the Narentines in ca. 836[3] to after 839.[4] The Narentines were a fierce tribe living off piracy.[1] The Narentines were at the time (823) subordinate to the Serbian Principality.[2]

In ca 839 Doge of Venice Pietro Tradonico headed with a large fleet towards the Narentines. They subsequently made peace and renewed a treaty, that would stop the piracy against the Republic of Venice.[1] They however, shortly thereafter, plundered the Venetian borders under the leadership of Uneslav and Diodor.[5] Ljudislav, the Narentine ruler that defeated Doge Pietro in 840, was possibly a co-ruler or successor of Drosaico.[6]

See also

  • Beloje (fl. 839-842), župan of Travunia
  • Krajina Belojević (ca. 847-891), župan or knez of Travunia
Titles of nobility
Župan of Narentia
fl. 839
Succeeded by
Succeeded by
edit] References
  1. ^ Name: In Latin, he is sourced as Drosaico, In Slavic, his name has been rendered as Draško[7], Dražko,[3], Držit[3] (Drzit[4]) other spellings are Drosaik[5][4][8].
  2. ^ Marians: He is mentioned as "ad Narentas insulas, cum Drosaico marianorum iudice"[4][9][8] His title has been rendered as Duke of the Narentines or Marians. Marians possibly derives from "of Morava".[4]
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