Deeper Christian Life Ministry

Deeper Christian Life Ministry
Deeper Christian Life Ministry
Location Lagos
Country Nigeria
Denomination Non-denominational
Founded 1973 (1973)
Founder(s) William F. Kumuyi
Senior pastor(s) William F. Kumuyi

Deeper Christian Life Ministry (also known as Deeper Life Bible Church)[1] is a non-denominational Christian Church[2] with its international headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, mostly renowned for its teachings on Salvation from sin, biblical holiness of life and supernatural healing. It is overseen by the General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi.[1][3][4]


Faith healing

DLBC's website maintains a set of "testimonials," from people, which claim supernatural healings that have occurred as a result of prayers being offered by Pastor Kumuyi. These claims include the reversal of paralysis, spontaneous growth of limbs, spontaneous disappearance of mental diseases, and other such testimonies.

The church also stands firm on the teaching of holiness and living a practical Christian life. The teaching on holiness and exhortation of all members to live holy lives takes precedence over all other teachings of the church.

The Deeper Life Bible Church is well known in Nigeria and other countries where its presence is established all over the world for its strict adherence to the teachings of Christ, His apostles and obedience to the word of God.

The General Superintendent (simply referred to as) Pastor Kumuyi almost always during all his preachings exhort members and newcomers alike to be born again so as to be qualified for the kingdom of heaven.


In 1973, while serving as a Mathematics Lecturer at the University of Lagos, W.F. Kumuyi started a Bible study group with 15 university students who had come to him requesting training in the Scriptures. By the early 1980s that small group had grown to several thousand, at which time Deeper Life Bible Church was formally established.

By 1988 the congregation had grown to 50,000, and now numbers 120,000 members, making it the third largest Christian church in the world. Dr. Johan Combrinck reports that the Deeper Life Church not only has an attendance of 120,000 every Sunday, but has planted over 500 churches in Lagos, 5,000 in the rest of Nigeria (with an independent estimate of more than 800,000 members in Nigeria alone), and 3,000 elsewhere (with missionaries to 40 countries of Africa) as the movement missionary contribution.

Dr. C. Peter Wagner, in an article titled 'Those Amazing Post-Denominational Churches' wrote: "By far, the most rapidly growing segment of Christianity on all six continents is a type of church that does not fit traditional categories or classifications. Missiologists have recognized its presence for some time, but it is such a recent phenomenon that they have not yet agreed on a name for it. Perhaps one title that would fit is the term 'post-denominational."

"Go to almost any metropolitan area and ask to visit the largest Christian Church. Chances are it will be one of these new post-denominational churches'. In Lagos, Nigeria, it would be the Deeper Life Bible Church, pastored by William Kumuyi. On a recent Sunday I saw 74,000 adults worshipping together, with 40,000 children meeting in a separate building across the street."

How Did It Happen?

Journalist Alan Isaacson provides a helpful study of this phenomenal ministry in his book Deeper Life, talking with many members of the church who told him how Christ has miraculously intervened and changed lives in response to prayer and the proclamation of the Gospel.


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