Micro ribbon

Micro ribbon
Micro ribbon 36 pin male on cable
Micro ribbon 36 pin female on a circuit board

The micro ribbon or miniature ribbon connector is a common type of electrical connector used particularly in computer and telecommunications applications. Popularly referred to as a Centronics connector due to the widely used Centronics parallel interface, it is also known as a Telco, Amphenol, 25-pair, Delta ribbon or CHAMP connector. Although it was invented by Amphenol[citation needed], many companies now produce it, such as 3M, Cinch Connectors,[1] Tyco Electronics (formerly AMP), and Hirose Electric Group.



A micro ribbon connector contains two parallel rows of pins within a shielded case. There are 14, 24, 36, 50 and 64 pin varieties, for mounting on boards, panels, or terminating cables. Contact is achieved by means of solder, crimping or insulation displacement. Female connectors have bail locks for a sturdy connection to the male connector. In the telecommunications sector screws are used instead, since a loose connector would have a greater impact.


  • 24 pin connector: IEEE 488 (GPIB) interface[1]
  • 36 pin connector: IEEE 1284 parallel interface[1]
  • 50 pin connector: SCSI-1 interface (SCSI connector)[1]
  • 50 pin connector: RJ21X "telco connector" (telephone systems)[1]

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