West Low German

West Low German

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West Low German (also known as Low Saxon) is a group of Low German dialects spoken in western portions of the German state of Lower Saxony, the southernmost part of Denmark and in the northeast corner of the Netherlands. Together with East Low German it forms Low German.

List of dialects

In Germany

*West Low German
**East Frisian Low Saxon
**Northern Low Saxon
**Westphalian language
**Eastphalian language

In the Netherlands

The Dutch Low Saxon varieties, which are also defined as Dutch dialects, consist of:
* Westerkwartiers
** Kollumerpompsters
** Kollumerlands
** Middaglands
** Midden-Westerkwartiers
** Zuid-Westerkwartiers
* Gronings and Noord-Drents
** Hoogelandsters
** Stadsgronings
** Westerwolds
** Veenkoloniaals
** Oldambtsters
* Stellingwerfs
* Midden-Drents
* Zuid-Drents
* Twents
* Twents-Graafschaps
* Gelders-Overijssels
** Achterhoeks
** Sallands
** Urkers
* Veluws
** Oost-Veluws
** West-Veluws

In Denmark

** South Jutland (Schleswig-Holstein)

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