Leica M7

Leica M7

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focus = manual
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The Leica M7 is a 35 mm camera by Leica AG. It is the direct successor to the M6. The Leica M7 is a step further in electronic improvements of the M series.

The Leica M7 introduces auto-exposure in aperture priority mode. Full manual is also available. The shutter is electronically controlled, but speeds of 1/60th and 1/125th of a second can be used with purely mechanical means, making the camera usable without batteries. The camera is also the first to feature an "on-off" control (the electronics of the M6 can be switched off by setting the dial to the B position).

The M7 is also the first Leica to support DX encoding, using the dial that has been on the back of Leica cameras since the M3. Originally used as a reminder of the sensitivity of the film, and as a setting for the lightmeter of the M6, the dial now controls exposure compensation on the M7.

The M7 features viewfinders with magnifications 0.58, 0.72 (28mm) and 0.85 (35mm).

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