Breadsall railway station

Breadsall railway station

Breadsall railway station was a former railway station in Breadsall, Derbyshire. It was opened by the Great Northern Railway (Great Britain) on its Derbyshire Extension in 1878

From West Hallam and the summit at Morley Tunnel, the line descended to Breadsall, on a gradient of 1 in 100.

The station itself was very close to the village and was provided with substantial brick buildings; a two-storey station master's house and the usual single storey offices on the platforms.

The Sunday passenger service finished in 1957 and services ended completely in 1964. The platforms and their buildings were gradually demolished, although traces remain. The single storey buildings became unsafe and were pulled down. The stationmaster's house survived until 1978 in an increasingly decrepit state until it became unsafe following an arson attack and it too was demolished.

From Breadsall, the line then crossed the Derwent valley by a long succession of embankments and viaducts. It then entered the town through a deep cutting before reaching Derby Friargate. Near Derby Racecourse was a siding with facilities for handling horses and there were plans for a station but this never came to fruition. [Higginson, M., (1989) "The Friargate Line:Derby and the Great Northern Railway," Derby: Golden Pingle Publishing]


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