Borrelia burgdorferi

Borrelia burgdorferi


image_caption = "Borrelia burgdorferi"
name = "Borrelia burgdorferi"
regnum = Bacteria
phylum = Spirochaetes
classis = Spirochaetes
ordo = Spirochaetales
genus = Borrelia
species = "B. burgdorferi"
binomial = "Borrelia burgdorferi"
binomial_authority = Johnson et al. 1984 emend. Baranton et al. 1992

"Borrelia burgdorferi" is species of bacteria of the spirochete class of the genus "Borrelia". "B. burgdorferi" is predominant in North America, but also exists in Europe, and is the agent of Lyme disease.

It is a zoonotic, vector-borne disease transmitted by ticks and is named after the researcher Willy Burgdorfer who first isolated the bacterium in 1982. "B. burgdorferi" is one of the few pathogenic bacteria that can survive without iron, having replaced all of its iron-sulfur cluster enzymes with enzymes that use manganese, thus avoiding the problem many pathogenic bacteria face in acquiring iron.

"B. burgdorferi" infections have been linked to non-Hodgkin lymphomas.cite journal |author=Guidoboni M, Ferreri AJ, Ponzoni M, Doglioni C, Dolcetti R |title=Infectious agents in mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue-type lymphomas: pathogenic role and therapeutic perspectives |journal=Clinical lymphoma & myeloma |volume=6 |issue=4 |pages=289–300 |year=2006 |pmid=16507206]

"B. burgdorferi" (B31 strain) was the third microbial genome ever sequenced, following the sequencing of both "H.influenzae" and "M.genitalium" in 1995, and contains 910,725 base pairs and 853 genes.cite journal | title=Genomic sequence of a Lyme disease spirochaete, "Borrelia burgdorferi" | journal=Nature | volume=190 | issue=6660 | pages=580–586 | year=1997 | url= | accessdate=2007-10-26 | doi=10.1038/37551 | author=Fraser, Claire M.] The sequencing method used was whole genome shotgun. The sequencing project, completed and published in Nature in 1997, was conducted at The Institute for Genomic Research.


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