MHz Networks

MHz Networks

call_letters = WNVT / WNVC
city =
station_slogan =
station_branding = MHz Networks
analog =
WNVT: none, was 53
WNVC: none, was 56 (UHF)
digital =
WNVT: 30 (UHF)
WNVC: 57 (UHF)
"(Currently off-air)"
other_chs =
affiliations = MHz Networks
network =
founded =
airdate = WNVT: March 1, 1972
WNVC: June 1, 1983
location = WNVT: Goldvein, Virginia
WNVC: Fairfax, Virginia
callsign_meaning = Northern
former_callsigns =
former_channel_numbers = WNVT: 53 (1972-2003)
WNVC: none
owner = Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation
licensee =
sister_stations =
former_affiliations = PBS (1972-2001)
effective_radiated_power = WNVT:
160 kW (digital)
1230 kW (analog)
7.3 kW (digital)
229 m (digital)
223 m (analog)
173.7 m (digital)
class =
facility_id = WNVT: 10019
WNVC: 9999
coordinates = WNVT:
homepage = []

MHz Networks is a Northern Virginia based independent, non commercial broadcaster operated by Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation. The legal call letters for the two stations comprising MHz Networks are WNVC, currently off the air; and WNVT, digital channel 30, ex-analog channel 53. Rebranded as MHz Networks,' WNVC is licensed to Fairfax, Virginia with studios in Falls Church, Virginia [] and WNVT is licensed in Goldvein, Virginia, and shares studio facillities in Falls Church, Virginia.


WNVT first signed on March 1, 1972 on channel 53 as a public broadcasting station independent of PBS. On June 6, 1981 Channel 56 signed on as a similar station (as WIAH) and in 1982, changed its call letters to WNVC. Since channel 56 signed on, the two stations were operated from the same Northern Virginia studios, and were run as sister stations. The WNVT studios were originally at Northern Virginia Community College. When the station was under construction, the school offered an AA in Broadcast Engineering Technology. Ray Harrison was the CE. Prior to WNVT, channel 53 had a brief experimental transmission from somewhere in downtown D.C.

In 2001, the two stations became known as MHz Networks, with WNVC becoming MHz and WNVT becoming MHz2. In 2003, WNVT became digital-only on channel 30. On September 1st, 2008, WNVC ceased broadcasting in analog permanently and took the digital broadcast off to perform technical modifications. WNVC has a construction permit to relocate its digital signal to channel 24, after WUTB in Baltimore vacates its analog signal in February 2009.


Channel numbers given are digital (ATSC) frequencies. Both stations feature international programming 24 hours daily. [ Program Schedule]

* MHz Worldview (MHz1) (30.1) International programming (in English or with English subtitles)
* MHz2 (30.2) 24-hour NHK World TV programming (in Japanese and English; previously on 57.2)
* MHz3 (30.3) 24-hour Metro Chinese Network programming (in Mandarin and English)
* MHz4 (30.4) 24-hour SABC News International programming (in English; previously on 30.2)
* MHz5 (30.5) 24-hour Russia Today TV news programming (in English)

ervices formerly offered

These subchannels were formerly available prior to WNVC's suspension of its digital signal:

* MHz3 (30.3) 24-hour France 24 news programming (in English)
* MHz4 (30.4) 24-hour Nigerian Television Authority programming (in English)
* MHz7 (57.3) 24-hour Beste van Vlaanderen en Nederland (in Dutch and English)
* MHz8 (57.4) 24-hour Macroview TV - MAC TV programming (in Mandarin and English)

ee also

* MHz Worldview
* The Shortie Awards

External links

* [ MHz Networks Official Website]

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