HOWTO article

HOWTO article

A HOWTO Article, often called just a HOWTO, is an article that usually explains 'how to' use a certain piece of software but can be applied to almost anything including the preparation of fruit salads. While HOWTOs are in many ways tutorials for a specific task, they are not just tutorials as they tend to be much more in-depth, explaining some level of theory along the way, and in that a reader of a well-written HOWTO is more likely to glean some sort of general knowledge about the software in question. Furthermore, a HOWTO often assumes a higher level of basic knowledge on the topic in question.

There are many sources for HOWTO articles, one of the most famous being the Linux Documentation Project, a project to document features of Linux and GNU software.

Physical Publishing of HOWTO Articles

Some HOWTOs have also been published in book-form by O'Reilly, like Olaf Kirch's Linux network admin HOWTO, and NET-HOWTO. The fact that the information is freely availvable online has not stopped the sale of the book-form.

Red Hat published a book entitled "Doctor Linux" that consisted entirely of HOWTOs available under free licenses, most of which was available under the GFDL. The book was popular enough that Red Hat made a profit from the sale of the book. Fact|date=February 2007

HOWTO Articles on the web

* [ The Linux Documentation Project HOWTOs] - documentation for the Linux operating system.
* [ Debian NewbieDOC Articles] - Debian GNU/Linux documentation for newbies by newbies (and not-so-newbies).
* [ Gentoo Wiki] : many HOWTOs
* [ HOWTOs] - HOWTOs for Linux.
* [ Python HOWTOs] - Documentation for Python coding.
* [ HowtoForge]
* [ Wikihowto] - A HOWTO site with a large quantity of Linux and computer related HOWTOs, and also includes all types of HOWTOs

Funny HOWTO Articles

Some HOWTO articles are written in an ironic sense, and document either non-existent procedures, or document procedures in a nonsensical and amusing fashion. Such articles are related in spirit to such projects as
* [ asr-manpages]
* [ funny-manpages] .
* Uncyclopedia

See also

The Hacker's Dictionary

External links

* [ The Linux Documentation Project] , a popular repository for HOWTO documents.

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