List of Slavic deities

*Belobog - god of light and sun (speculative)
*Berstuk - evil god of the forest
*Cislobog - moon goddess
*Crnobog - god of woe (speculative)
*Dajbog - sun god
*Dziewona - equivalent of Diana
*Flins - god of death
*Hors - god of the winter sun
*Jarilo - god of vegetation, fertility, spring, and associated with war and harvest
*Juthrbog - moon god
*Karewit - protector of the town of Korzenica
*Lada and Lado - god of harmony, merriment, youth, love and beauty
*Marowit - god of nightmares
*Perun - god of thunder and lightning
*Podaga - weather god, and god of fishing, hunting and farming
*Porewit - god of law, order and judgment
*Radegast - possibly a god of hospitality, fertility and crops
*Rugiwit - personification of the all-Slavic god of war, Perun
*Sieba - fertility and love goddess
*Siebog - god of love and marriage
*Simargl - possibly a god of sowing and seeds
*Stribog - god and spirit of the winds, sky and air
*Svarog - god of fire
*Svetovid - god of war, fertility and abundance
*Triglav - three-headed god
*Veles - god of earth, waters, and the underworld
*Vesna - goddess of youth and springtime
*Zirnitra - dragon god of sorcery

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