Triglav (mythology)

Triglav (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian and Serbian: Триглав; Czech and Slovak: "Trihlav"; _pl. Trygław) (lit. 'three headed') also sometimes called "troglav" is a god or complex of gods in Slavic mythology, similar in nature to the Trinity in Christianity or Trimurti in Hinduism. Often, he is considered to be the same deity as Troyan.

Triglav is a unity of three gods. The exact members of the triad vary by place and time. An early variation included Svarog, Perun, and Dajbog. Later, Dajbog was replaced by Svetovid or Veles. Triglav is usually described as a fusion of these gods. More rarely he is said to be their son. It may also be a unity of lesser gods (Lesser Triglav).

In one legend, Triglav is veiled completely, so holy that he cannot see the evil deeds of men. He rarely appears around mortals.

Triglav is depicted as a three-headed man sometimes with bands of (gold) blindfolds over his eyes, or a man with three goat heads. Several temples dedicated to Triglav existed near Szczecin, Poland. During the period of Christianization, these temples and statues of Triglav were completely destroyed.

Three heads

Triglav's heads represent sky, earth and the Underworld. Some priests said that Triglav has three heads because he rules all three kingdoms (sky, earth and hell) and has a binding over his eyes so he could not see people's sins. His eyes are said to possess great power (that's why all eyes on his statues are covered).

Some hypothesize that Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, was named after the god.

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*Zbruch idol, an early Slavic idol with four heads.

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