Neşet Ertaş

Neşet Ertaş
Birth name Neşet Ertaş
Born 1943
Kırşehir, Türkiye
Origin Çiçekdağı, Kırşehir, Turkey
Genres Turkish folk music
Instruments Bağlama
Years active Since 1954–present
Labels Bayar Müzik (2005-Present)
Kalan Müzik (1999-2005)

Neşet Ertaş (born 1943 in Çiçekdağı, Kırşehir) is a Turkish folk music singer, lyrics writer and a virtuoso of the traditional Turkish instrument bağlama. His profession in Turkish is known as halk şairi, which literally means "folk poet".

He was born in 1937, in Kırtıllar, a village in Kırşehir to his father Muharrem Ertaş, also a halk şairi, and his mother Döne Koç. Neşet Ertaş went to primary school for only 2 years, Before this he used to play the violin then the saz (the Turkish national instrument, baglama).

Neşet Ertaş interprets musical pieces of the Abdal tradition, following his father. With his forceful saz, his warm voice pure and simple language has Neşet Ertaş in a short time gathered people from Central Anatolia then the whole of Turkey.

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