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Look Who's Talking

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caption = "Look Who's Talking" promotional movie poster
director = Amy Heckerling
producer = Jonathan D. Krane
writer = Amy Heckerling
starring = John Travolta
Kirstie Alley
Olympia Dukakis
George Segal
Abe Vigoda
and the voice of Bruce Willis
music =
cinematography =
editing =
distributor = TriStar Pictures
released = October 13, 1989 (USA)
runtime = 93 min.
language = English
budget = $7,500,000 US (est.)
imdb_id = 0097778
followed_by = "Look Who's Talking Too"

"Look Who's Talking" is a 1989 comedy film which stars John Travolta (James Ubriacco) and Kirstie Alley (Mollie Jensen). Bruce Willis plays the voice of Mollie's son, Mikey. The movie also features George Segal as Mollie's client, Albert, who is the illegitimate father of Mikey. The film was written and directed by Amy Heckerling.


Mollie, a qualified accountant, is currently having an affair with her client, Albert. When she becomes pregnant with Albert's child (although she tells her parents the father is a sperm donor), Albert says he will leave his wife and raise the child with Mollie. When Mollie discovers Albert with another woman while shopping with her best friend, Albert admits that he is not going to live with Mollie, but with the woman Mollie caught him with, who is his interior designer. While storming off in a rage as her best friend and the interior designer attack Albert on the street, Mollie goes into labor; she hastily gets into a taxicab. The driver, James, realizing that his passenger is in labor, speeds off to the hospital, breaking a few road laws on the way. When they reach the hospital, the nurses confuse James for being the father of Mollie's child, and he is inclined to stay. After the birth of Mollie's son, who she names Mikey, she promises Mikey that she will find him the best father for him. A few days after Mikey is brought home, Mollie receives a visit from James, the taxi driver. When she asks him how he got her address, he returns Mollie her purse that she left in his taxi. James meets Mikey, and Mikey seems to enjoy his company. Over the next month or so, Mollie deals with being a single parent, and Mikey gets used to his new world.

When Mollie discovers that James has been using her address to keep his grandfather in a nursing home in the same part of town, James offers to baby-sit Mikey if she lets him continue to use the address, an act she considers "too illegal" at first. Mollie agrees. While trying to feed Mikey, Mollie falls asleep; James puts her in her bed to sleep. Then, James takes Mikey out, when they return, James finds Mollie in severe distress, thinking that James had kidnapped Mikey. After securing Mikey, Mollie attacks James with a broom, eventually getting a splinter from the handle. When Mollie's mother comes to visit Mollie, she listens outside the front door, listening to what she thinks is Mollie and James having sex (something that they do in the next two films), when actually James is pulling the splinter out of Mollie's finger. As Mikey gets a few months older, he grows to love James like a father and is even thinking of asking James to be his "daddy" by suggestion of his playground friends, who all have two parents.

After a few dates which didn't go too well, Mollie realizes that none of the men she has been seeing are good enough for Mikey. Mollie lets her guard down one night and almost gives herself to James, but Mollie imagines what she believes life would be like if she married James. She tells James to leave, thinking of only Mikey, although James tells her he loves her and Mikey equally. Soon after, Mollie is forced to help Albert with his taxes at his office. After Albert pleads Mollie to let him see Mikey (who he keeps calling "Mickey"), Mollie agrees to let Albert see Mikey that night. James, who is babysitting Mikey that night, does not know that Albert is coming. So when Albert turns up at the door and asks to come in, James does not believe that Albert is Mikey's father. Albert and James fight, and James kicks Albert out of the apartment. Mollie returns home to see Mikey holding an icepack on James' forehead. James and Mollie then argue about Mollie lying to James about the father of Mikey. James storms out, upsetting Mollie. Mollie brings Mikey to Albert’s office, Albert shows that he has not changed and Mollie proceeds to destroy some of Albert’s office and lets Mikey destroy some of it as well. When they get back home, Mollie apologizes to Mikey for making him see his father, and then Mollie asks Mikey if he loves James, Mikey hints that Mollie should call James.

Mollie then receives a call that James' grandfather is causing havoc at the nursing home. Mollie takes Mikey to the nursing home downtown. While James' grandfather baby-sits Mikey, Mollie explains that the reason James' grandfather behavior had been so bad is that he had eaten too much candy. The manager of the nursing home agrees to let James' grandfather stay. On the way back to pick up Mikey, Mollie runs into James, who thanks her. When they return to grandfather's room, Mikey has gone missing. Mikey is actually looking for James and after seeing a taxi cab outside, he proceeds to leave the nursing home and get into a car that is being taken away by a pick-up truck. Mollie and James chase after the truck in James' taxi, and eventually stop the truck, but Mikey has escaped. James spots Mikey standing in the middle of open traffic, looking for James' taxicab. When Mollie and James run to get him of out the street, Mikey hears their voices and starts to walk to them, not realizing the danger around him. After causing a pile-up of cars in the street but not being hurt, Mikey is taken out of the street by James and Mollie. After making sure Mikey is okay, Mollie thanks James for helping her. Mikey then calls James "Da-da!" Mollie sees that James is not only perfect for Mikey, but is perfect for her as well. They kiss while Mikey watches happily. The end credits roll as we see an older Mikey and James walking through a hospital to see Mollie, who has just given birth to Mikey's half-sister, Julie, setting the sequel, "Look Who's Talking Too", in motion.

Much of the film is portrayed through the thoughts of Mikey. However, because this movie explores human sexuality (as well as having its fair share of obscene words), it is rated PG-13 in the USA.


This movie was successful enough to spawn two sequels: "Look Who's Talking Too" (1990) and "Look Who's Talking Now" (1993). The success of the first two movies also inspired an ABC sitcom called "Baby Talk", which aired from 1991 until 1992 and which featured Tony Danza as the voice of "Baby Mickey."


*John Travolta .... James Ubriacco
*Kirstie Alley .... Mollie Jensen
*Olympia Dukakis .... Rosie
*George Segal .... Albert
*Abe Vigoda .... Grandpa
*Bruce Willis .... Mikey (voice)
*Twink Caplan .... Rona
*Jason Schaller .... Mikey
*Jaryd Waterhouse .... Mikey
*Jacob Haines .... Mikey
*Christopher Aydon .... Mikey
*Joy Boushel .... Melissa
*Don S. Davis .... Dr. Fleisher
*Louis Heckerling .... Lou
*Brenda Crichlow .... Secretary
*Sabrina Bailey .... Sandbox Baby

Joan Rivers

The final scene with baby Julie talking in thought features the voice of Joan Rivers, credited in the film using the pseudonym "Baby Guess".

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