"XXXenophile" is an American comic book series, published by Palliard Press and later Studio Foglio. The comic is structured as an anthology of whimsical erotic fantasy and science fiction stories written and penciled by Phil Foglio; each story is inked by a different artist, including among many others Matt Howarth, William Messner-Loebs, Frank Kelly Freas, Kevin Eastman, and Bob Eggleton. [ [ The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry 1 - Major Works as the Writer and Artist] ]

The comic was originally published in ten comic books, at which time the contents were collected into five graphic novel compilations. Each graphic novel also added a new story (generally a second look at characters from an earlier story such as the superhero Orgasm Lass and her four-armed male sidekick Foreplay). These new stories were compiled separately in a final, eleventh issue of the comic book; since then, a sixth graphic novel (with an all-new story) has been published. In 2004 Studio Foglio released "XXXenophile Quick and Dirty", a 20-page booklet of previously unreleased material, as a stop-gap fundraiser.

In addition, Palliard Press' "XXXenophile Presents" was a five issue series which presented stories by other artists, each story taking up an entire issue. [ [ The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry 2 - Works as the Writer/Scripter/Editor only] ]

Critical reception

The comic series was highly acclaimed for both its artwork and story that, while employing sexually explicit content, maintained an artistic quality that many comic book critics felt was superior to the more standard fare of this genre. In the stories of the anthology, Foglio satirizes numerous plot elements of fantasy and science fiction, such as time travel, cloning, robots, deals with the devil, love potions and geasa.

Although there are numerous sexual practices portrayed in the series, including "oral sex, anal sex, group sex, masturbation, voyeurism, double penetration, inter-racial (literally), bestiality (although generally with an animal possessing intelligence), mild sado-masochism, homosexuality (female, in every issue; male, just in the last issue), exhibitionism, sex with any number of devices, necrophilia (or sex with a ghost, anyway), prostitution, and every single position and combination imaginable, including some that were only possible in micro-gravity",cite web
title=Hoot Island interview with Phil Foglio
publisher=Hoot Island
] Foglio's general emphasis throughout is on the enjoyment of sexuality as healthy and natural. This is in sharp contrast with many other erotic comic artists, who focus on the darker aspects of human sexuality. In Foglio's own words, cquote| [i] f somebody wants to produce a happy sex positive story about pedophilic rapists who are into watersports and branding, THEN KEEP THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!

Card game

A collectible card game based on the comic was also created, with game mechanics designed by James Ernest; [cite journal
title=Pyramid Pick: XXXenophile: The Adults Only Trading Card Game
publisher=Steve Jackson Games
] [cite journal
title=Pyramid Interview: James Ernest
first=S. John
author-link=S. John Ross
journal=Pyramid (online)
publisher=Steve Jackson Games
] it was the first adult-themed CCG. In 2001 this game was reworked into a G-rated non-collectible card game called "", [cite journal
title=Pyramid Pick: The Works Card Game
journal=Pyramid (online)
publisher=Steve Jackson Games
] based on the Foglios' comic "Girl Genius".


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