Triangulum Australe

Infobox Constellation
abbreviation = TrA
name = Triangulum Australe
genitive = Trianguli Australis
symbology = the Southern Triangle
RA = 16
dec= −65
areatotal = 110
arearank = 83rd
numbermainstars = 3
numberbfstars = 10
numberstarsplanets = 0
numberbrightstars = 3
numbernearbystars = 2
brighteststarname = α TrA (Atria)
starmagnitude = 1.91
neareststarname = ζ TrA
stardistance = 39.5
numbermessierobjects = None
meteorshowers = None
bordering = Norma
latmax = 25
latmin = 90
month = July

Triangulum Australe (pronEng|traɪˈæŋɡjʊləm ɒsˈtreɪliː, _la. 'South Triangle') is a small southern constellation whose three brightest stars, of second and third magnitude, form an approximately equilateral triangle. This constellation was introduced by Johann Bayer in 1603.

Since it was introduced in the 17th century, there is no earlier mythology associated with it.

Notable features

NGC 6025 is an open cluster with about 30 stars ranging from 7th to 9th magnitude.

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