Methyl Meth"yl, n. [See {Methylene}.] (Chem.) A univalent hydrocarbon radical, {CH3-}, not existing alone but regarded as an essential residue of methane, and appearing as a component part of many derivatives; as, methyl alcohol, methyl ether, methyl amine, etc. [Formerly written also {methule}, {methyle}, etc.] [1913 Webster]

{Methyl alcohol} (Chem.), a light, volatile, inflammable liquid, {CH3.OH}, obtained by the distillation of wood, and hence called {wood alcohol} or {wood spirit}; tecnically referred to as {methanol}; -- called also {methol}, {carbinol}, etc.

{Methyl amine} (Chem.), a colorless, inflammable, alkaline gas, {CH3.NH2}, having an ammoniacal, fishy odor. It is produced artificially, and also occurs naturally in herring brine and other fishy products. It is regarded as ammonia in which a third of its hydrogen is replaced by methyl, and is a type of the class of substituted ammonias.

{Methyl ether} (Chem.), a light, volatile ether {CH3.O.CH3}, obtained by the etherification of methyl alcohol; -- called also {methyl oxide} or {dimethyl ether}.

{Methyl green}. (Chem.) See under {Green}, n.

{Methyl orange}. (Chem.) See {Helianthin}.

{Methyl violet} (Chem.), an artificial dye, consisting of certain methyl halogen derivatives of rosaniline. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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