• 101Visions of the Soviet Land (1988)
    By turning over the pages of this book you will travel across our big country and see it through the eyes of energetic and inquisitive people-photojournalists. We will not be unrealistic in our… 200 руб

  • 102We , Zamyatin Yevgeny (2003)
    In the One State of the great Benefactor, there are no individuals, only numbers. Life is an ongoing process of mathematical precision, a perfectly balanced equation. Primitive passions and instincts… 640 руб

  • 103MR Pre-intermediate A Midsummer Night's Dream , William Shakespeare (2007)
    William Shakespeare's romantic comedy about love and marriage. When four young lovers get lost in the forest, the fairies that live there play jokes on them - turning love into hate and hate into… 611 руб

  • 104Basement Ideas That Work: Creative Design Solutions for Your Home , Peter Jeswald (2007)
    How do you turn your basement into the place to be? You transform it from a cramped, musty space to terrific rooms your family members will want to be in. No more dreaded trips to put in a load of… 1872 руб

  • 105Reaper Man , Terry Pratchett (1992)
    Death is missing - presumed... er... gone. Which leads to the kind of chaos you always get when an important public service is withdrawn. Meanwhile, on a little farm far, far away, a tall dark… 532 руб

  • 106Oxford Bookworms Library 3: Through the Looking Glass , Lewis Carroll (2008)
    'I wish I could get through into looking-glass house', Alice said.'Let's pretend that the glass has gone soft and... Why, I do believe it has! It's turning into a kind of cloud!'A moment later Alice… 481 руб

  • 107Spider-Man: Down There Mean Streets , Keith R. A. DeCandido (2005)
    A brand-new designer drug arrives in New York City with the force of a hurricane: Triple X, a potentially lethal combination of ecstasy and gamma radiation that is literally turning users from the… 607 руб

  • 108The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein , Peter Ackroyd (2009)
    It was at Oxford that I first met Bysshe. We arrived at our college on the same day; confusing to a mere foreigner, it is called University College. I had seen him from my window and had been struck… 414 руб

  • 109The Da Vinci Code (Movie tie-in) , Dan Brown (2006)
    A murder in the silent after-hour halls of the Louvre museum reveals a sinister plot to uncover a secret that has been protected by a clandestine society since the days of Christ. The victim is a… 666 руб

  • 110A Bite to Remember , Lynsay Sands (2006)
    Rule # 1: Never get involved with someone who won't be there for you when the sun comes up. Once bitten, twice shy, and sexy PI Jackie Morrisey wasn't going there again. Vincent Argeneau may be the… 607 руб

  • 111Vampire Kisses 4: Dance with a Vampire , Ellen Schreiber (2009)
    Dullsville's newest night-faring intruder may be only a tween, but Raven knows that Valentine Maxwell, the younger sibling of two nefarious vampires, is a full-size menace. Valentine becomes even… 691 руб

  • 112Good German , Joseph Kanon (2004)
    Jake Geismar cut his teeth as a foreign correspondent in pre-war Berlin. When he returns in 1945 to cover the Potsdam conference he finds the city unrecognisable - streets have vanished beneath the… 873 руб

  • 113William Shakespeare Portrayed by Himself: A Revelation of the Poet in the Career and Character of One of His Own Dramatic Heroes , Robert Waters (1888)
    1888. Written by the Scottish-born educator and author, William Shakespeare Portrayed by Himself is counted among Waters'other works which include Intellectual Pursuits, Life of William Cobbett, John… 1314 руб

  • 114The Law of Uses , William Hanbury Jones (1894)
    And, in all sincerity, can anything more than the absence of plunder be required of the law? Can the law -- which necessarily requires the use of force -- rationally be used for anything except… 766 руб

  • 115Christ the Lord: Road to Cana , Anne Rice (2009)
    Anne Rice's vivid and hugely ambitious continuation of the life of Christ the Lord tells of the last winter of Jesus' "hidden years"- his thirtieth - and ends with His first great miracle - the… 607 руб

  • 116Jane Slayre: The Literary Classic with a Bloodsucking Twist , Charlotte Bronte (2010)
    'Reader, I buried him.'So begins Sherri Browning Erwin's affectionate, funny and brilliantly clever monster mash-up of everyone's favourite literary classic. Mrs Reed and her children are vampires… 912 руб

  • 117Lenin: A Biography , Robert Service (2010)
    Lenin is a colossal figure whose influence on twentieth-century history cannot be underestimated. Robert Service has written a calmly authoritative biography on this seemingly unknowable figure… 637 руб

  • 118In Ghostly Company , Amyas Northcote (2010)
    This title features Introduction by David Stuart Davies.'A grey cloud formed on the summit of the altar, diminishing, thickening and turning into a Shape, a shape of evil and fear. The silent group… 328 руб

  • 119Rupture , Simon Lelic (2010)
    'Find what you were looking for, Inspector'? Every day the same question. A different uniform but the same question. They thought Lucia enjoyed being here. They thought that was why she kept coming… 562 руб

  • 120The Stalin Epigram , Robert Littell (2009)
    Based on a riveting historical episode, The Stalin Epigram is a fictional rendering of the life of Osip Mandelstam, perhaps the greatest Russian poet of the twentieth century - and one of the few… 477 руб