• 1Recovery , Macdonald Helen (2019)
    The hawk was everything I wanted to be: solitary, self-possessed, free from grief, and numb to the hurts of human life. How do we carry on when someone close to us dies? Is it simply a case of… 311 руб

  • 2The Power of Persuasion. How We're Bought and Sold , Robert Levine
    "An engaging, highly readable survey of the sophisticated methods of persuasion we encounter in various situations. From television to telemarketing and from self-deception to suicide cults, Levine… 1325.38 руб электронная книга

  • 3Untamed Rogue, Scandalous Mistress , Bronwyn Scott
    Passion and scandal in the Ton! Self-made miss Aurora Calhoun has always possessed an uncommon amount of sense when it comes to men. However, within minutes of colliding with Lord Ramsden’s carriage… 158.24 руб электронная книга