• 1The Overcoat and Other Short Stories , Nikolai Gogol (1992)
    Four works by great 19th-century Russian author - "The Nose," a savage satire of Russia's incompetent bureaucrats; "Old-Fashioned Farmers," a pleasant depiction of an elderly couple living in rustic… 395 руб

  • 2A Garland for Girls , Louisa May Alcott (1887)
    1887. From the author of Little Women, these stories were written for my own amusement during a period of enforced seclusion. The flowers which weremy solace and pleasure suggested titles for the… 1311 руб

  • 3Vespasian: Tribune of Rome , Fabbri R. (2013)
    "ONE MAN Born in rural obscurity ONE DESTINY To become one of Rome's greatest Emperors 26 AD: Sixteen-year-old Vespasian leaves his family farm for Rome, his sights set on finding a patron and… 847 руб

  • 4Juliet, Naked , Nick Hornby (2014)
    Nick Hornby returns to his roots-music and messy relationships-in this funny and touching new novel which thoughtfully and sympathetically looks at how lives can be wasted but how they are never… 689 руб

  • 5The Lighthouse , P. D. James (2012)
    Combe Island off the Cornish coast offers rest and seclusion to over-stressed professionals who have paid the price of getting to the top. But when one of these distinguished visitors is found… 909 руб

  • 6Embroidering Lives: Women's Work and Skill in the Lucknow Embroidery Industry , Clare M. Wilkinson-Weber (1999)
    Fusing aesthetic and economic analyses, Embroidering Lives investigates the lives and work of women in the chikan embroidery industry of Lucknow, India. Richly descriptive and accessibly written, the… 789 руб

  • 7Monet , John House (1992)
    Impressionism took its name from the title of a painting that Claude Monet exhibited in 1874. More than any other artist, Monet was the creator of the Impressionist vision, which has so forcefully… 1379 руб

  • 8Innocence: A Novel , Koontz Dean (2005)
    In Innocence, Dean Koontz blends mystery, suspense, and acute insight into the human soul in a masterfully told tale that will resonate with readers forever. He lives in solitude beneath the city, an… 565 руб

  • 9Aliens: Inhuman С ondition , John Layman (2013)
    On a distant, frozen world, "artificial persons" are manufactured in discreet seclusion. With formidable new security synthetics coming online, how better to test their mettle than against a hive of… 779 руб

  • 10Prison Break Trilogy. Book 2. Tempting Evil , Эллисон Бреннан (2008)
    Haunted by the tragic loss of her husband and son, bestselling author Joanna Sutton now lives in near seclusion in the rugged, snow-covered mountains of Montana. But unbeknownst to Jo, her haven is… 133 UAH

  • 11Innocence A Novel , Koonz D. (2014)
    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER He lives in solitude beneath the city, an exile from society, which will destroy him if he is ever seen. She dwells in seclusion, a fugitive from enemies who will do her… 440 руб

  • 12Innocence: A Novel , Koontz Dean (2005)
    In Innocence, Dean Koontz blends mystery, suspense, and acute insight into the human soul in a masterfully told tale that will resonate with readers forever. He lives in solitude beneath the city, an… 731 UAH

  • 13Hide , Griffin М. (2017)
    Wendell Wilson, a taxidermist, and Frank Clifton, a veteran, meet after the Second World War. But, in this declining textile town in a southern US state, their love holds real danger. Severing nearly… 635 руб

  • 14The Lives of Stella Bain , Shreve Anita (2014)
    Hauled in a cart to a field hospital in northern France in March 1916, an American woman wakes from unconsciousness to the smell of gas gangrene, the sounds of men in pain, and an almost complete… 746 руб

  • 15Tall, Dark and Texan , Annette Broadrick
    An untameable bachelor meets his match in this classic reader favorite story from USA TODAY bestselling author Annette Broadrick.After a shocking betrayal, Dan Crenshaw left behind his corporate… 120.15 руб электронная книга

  • 16Garden Of Scandal , Jennifer Blake
    Laurel Bancroft has lived for years as a recluse, isolating herself from a town that has branded her a murderer.But now, convinced people have finally forgotten, she is ready to resume her life. Then… 120.15 руб электронная книга

  • 17No Longer Forbidden? , Dani Collins
    The limits of his control Rowan O’Brien will always be the thorn in Nic Marcussen’s side. She was the only woman to tempt him beyond his steely control…the only woman strictly forbidden to him. Years… 120.15 руб электронная книга

  • 18The Loner , Lindsay McKenna
    In all her years as deputy sheriff, Shelby Kincaid never met a man as stubborn as Dakota Carson. Practically eaten by a grizzly bear and still that man insists on returning, alone, to his isolated… 120.15 руб электронная книга

  • 19Ryan's Renovation , Marin Thomas
    A sky-high Manhattan office tower is the perfect place for Ryan McKade to hide from wounds both physical and emotional. Until, that is, his meddlesome grandfather puts a stop to his seclusion and… 365.57 руб электронная книга

  • 20Highland Sword , Ruth Langan
    A Witch, A Warrior And The Wilds Of Scotland…!'Twas like a quest out of legend, Merrick MacAndrew knew, but he would risk anything to save his dying son–even kidnapping Allegra Drummond, whose… 365.57 руб электронная книга