• 121100 Classic Graphic Design Journals , Steven Heller, Jason Godfrey (2014)
    100 Classic Graphic Design Journals surveys a unique collection of the most influential magazines devoted to graphic design, advertising and typography. These journals together span over 100 years of… 4999 руб

  • 122World Textiles:А Sourcebook (2012)
    This title includes highlights from all nine volumes of the highly successful "Fabric Folios" series to create the essential single-volume textile and design sourcebook. Praise for "The Fabric… 3768 руб

  • 123Amazing Inventors: Level 1 (+ CD) , Silvia Tiberio (2014)
    The inspiring stories of 6 people who changed history. Contents: Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press Louis Braille, creator of an alphabet for blind people Alexander Graham Bell… 829 руб

  • 124Transmetropolitan: One More Time , Warren Ellis (2011)
    The final volume in the saga of outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem written by comics superstar Warren Ellis. At last, it?s the final showdown between Spider and the absolutely corrupt President of… 1499 руб

  • 125Краткий катехизис , Мартин Лютер (1998)
    Издание 1998 года. Сохранность хорошая. Краткий катехизис д-ра Лютера, с комментариями Эдварда Кейлера (на русском языке). Перевод Константина Комарова 610 руб

  • 126The Truth , Terry Pratchett (2013)
    William de Worde is the accidental editor of the Discworld's first newspaper. New printing technology means that words just won't obediently stay nailed down like usual. There's a very real threat of… 559 руб

  • 127Get Smart 1-4 Tests CD-ROM (2010)
    In PDF format for printing; In modifiable format; Transcripts; Key; Audio 2259 руб

  • 128Tales of the Middle Ages (1990)
    The Middle Ages, which span 1, 500 years, were an extremely important time in the history of mankind. It was then that the borders of most modern European and Asian states were established, the first… 340 руб

  • 129Makers: The New Industrial Revolution , Chris Anderson (2012)
    Wired magazine editor and bestselling author Chris Anderson takes you to the front lines of a new industrial revolution as today’s entrepreneurs, using open source design and 3-D printing, bring… 3486 руб

  • 130The Tale of Mr. Tod , Beatrix Potter (2002)
    To celebrate Peter's birthday, Frederick Warne is publishing new editions of all 23 of Potter's original tales, which take the very first printings of Potter's works as their guide. The aim of these… 750 руб

  • 131The Euro Trap: On Bursting Bubbles, Budgets, and Beliefs , Hans-Werner Sinn (2014)
    This book offers a critical assessment of the history of the euro, its crisis, and the rescue measures taken by the European Central Bank and the community of states. The euro induced huge capital… 3929 руб

  • 132The Paston Letters (2009)
    The Pastons of Norfolk left behind them an incomparable picture of life in fifteenth-century England in the earliest great collection of family letters in English. The letters span three generations… 555 руб

  • 133Alexander Yasnev: Lake Baikal: Etudes , Irina Sergeeva (2015)
    How beautiful and mighty Lake Baikal is! It is unequaled on earth. Because of its majesty and beauty people began since ancient times to call it Sea Baikal, and personified it, calling it in respect… 2311 руб

  • 134Возрожденные святыни (2002)
    Воздвигать храмы и поддерживать их благолепие издревле на Руси считалось делом Богоугодным и святым. Строили храмы всем миром, и каждый стремился внести свою посильную лепту в столь доброе дело… 750 руб

  • 135How Many Sleeps Till My Birthday? , Sperring Mark (2013)
    How Many Sleeps till my Birthday is the perfect birthday countdown book! It's hard to be patient when you're only a very little bear, and Little Pip cannot wait until his birthday. And he's driving… 626 руб

  • 136Прорыв. Распространение благой вести через запретные границы , Руди Лэк, Джун Дуни (2000)
    Прорыв - это рассказанная непосредственным участником событий правд правдивая, захватывающая, стремительно развивающаяся приключенческая история о том, как слышать от Господа, как действовать по вере… 317 руб

  • 137За золотым руном. В 3 книгах. Книга 1. Жаркое лето в Москве , Д. Ольшанский (1980)
    В книге представлена первая часть романа Д. Ольшанского "За золотым руном" - "Жаркое лето в Москве" 930 руб

  • 138Little Children&# 039;s Book of Things to Do , Фиона Уотт (2011)
    От издателя:This is a fantastic activity book, brimming with exciting ideas from the "First Activities" series. It is filled with drawing and painting, printing, and cutting and sticking activities… 364 UAH

  • 139Amazing Inventors: Level 1 (+ mp3 CD-ROM) , Сильвия Тиберио,Фиона Маккензи (2014)
    The inspiring stories of 6 people who changed history. Contents: Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press Louis Braille, creator of an alphabet for blind people Alexander Graham Bell… 218 UAH

  • 140Fingerprint activities , Фиона Уотт (2015)
    This finger-printing book includes simple, step-by-step instructions for lots of pictures and scenes to create using only fingerprints, and a multi-coloured ink pad is attached to the side of the… 426 UAH