• 21Ghetto Comedies , Israel Zangwill (1907)
    1907. Simultaneously with the publication of these Ghetto Comedies, a fresh edition of Zangwill's Ghetto Tragedies was issued. In the old definition a comedy could be distinguished from a tragedy by… 1321 руб

  • 22Vittoria , George Meredith (1907)
    Count Serabiglione would work himself up in the climax of denunciation, and then look abroad frankly as one whose spirit had been relieved. He hatedbad men; and it was besides necessary for him to… 1322 руб

  • 23The Age of Innocence , Wharton Edith (1994)
    Widely regarded as one of Edith Wharton's greatest achievements, The Age of Innocence is not only subtly satirical, but also a sometimes dark and disturbing comedy of manners in its exploration of… 222 руб

  • 24Codex Seraphinianus XXXIII , Serafini Luigi (2013)
    Ever since the Codex Seraphinianus was first published in 1981, the book has been recognized as one of the strangest and most beautiful art books ever made. This visual encyclopedia of an unknown… 8785 руб

  • 25The Poetry of Sex (2014)
    THE POETRY OF SEX - a raucous, highly enjoyable anthology by acclaimed poet Sophie Hannah. We've been at it all summer, from the Canadian border to the edge of Mexico… Romance and poetry seem to go… 425.7 руб

  • 26Гданск, Сопот. Карта. Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot (2012)
    We present an absolutely exceptional and unique gift for any fan and fan of football - a map which is an official licensed product and the Championships UEFA EURO 2012 TM . It is worth to have it… 450 руб

  • 27Lettres de l'abbe Edgeworth , l'abbe Edgeworth (1818)
    Полный вариант заголовка: «Lettres de l'abbe Edgeworth, confesseur de Louis XVI, a ses amis : ecrites depuis 1777 jusqu'a 1807 : avec des memoires de sa vie / contenant quelques details sur le defunt… руб электронная книга

  • 28The Age of Innocence , Edith Wharton (1999)
    Widely regarded as one of Edith Wharton's greatest achievements, "The Age of Innocence" is not only subtly satirical, but also a sometimes dark and disturbing comedy of manners in its exploration of… 259 руб

  • 29Pygmalion and Major Barbara , George Bernard Shaw (1992)
    George Bernard Shaw was the greatest British dramatist after Shakespeare, a satirist equal to Jonathan Swift and a playwright whose most profound gift was his ability to make audiences think by… 484 руб

  • 30Tree or Three? An Elementary Pronunciation Course (+ 3 CD) , Ann Baker (2007)
    Do you have trouble with your pronunciation? Are you sometimes misunderstood, even when you know the word is right? This book can help you! This fully-revised edition of the classic title, now in… 2399 руб

  • 31Exit Voice and Loyalty: Responses to Decline in Firms, Organizations, and States , Albert O. Hirschman (1970)
    An innovator in contemporary thought on economic and political development looks here at decline rather than growth. Albert O. Hirschman makes a basic distinction between alternative ways of reacting… 979.5 руб

  • 32Bleak House , Чарльз Диккенс (1853)
    Bleak House is not certainly Dickens's best book; but perhaps it is his best novel. Such a distinction is not a mere verbal trick; it has to be remembered rather constantly in connection with his… руб электронная книга

  • 33Letters of the Right Honourable Lady M–y W–y M–e. Vol. 2 , Отсутствует (1778)
    Полный вариант заголовка: «Letters of the Right Honourable Lady M–y W–y M–e : Vol. 2 : written during her travels in Europe, Asia and Africa, to persons of distinction, men of letters,&c. in… руб электронная книга

  • 34Investigating Sport, Fan and Event Involvement in Sponsorship Research: A Theoretical Conceptualisation and Empirical Study , Joseph Makisi (2012)
    This dissertation contributes to the literature of sponsorship awareness and effectiveness by investigating the frequent yet loosely-defined term of involvement and empirically tests the existence… 4999 руб

  • 35Selected Philosophical Writings , Saint Thomas Aquinas (2008)
    St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) saw religion as part of the natural human propensity to worship. His ability to recognize the naturalness of this phenomenon and simultaneously to go beyond it, to… 616 руб

  • 36Witchcraft , Gaskill Malcolm (2010)
    Witchcraft is a subject that fascinates us all, and everyone knows what a witch is - or do they? From childhood most of us develop a sense of the mysterious, malign person, usually an old woman… 493 руб

  • 37Stories. Edited by Al Sarrantonio, Neil Gaiman (2011)
    A hugely original anthology of imaginative fiction edited by bestselling authors Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio. Rather than being dictated by genre, for co-editors Gaiman and Sarrantonio there is… 859 руб

  • 38Martyrdom , Mitchell Jolyon (2013)
    Martyrdom is not only a sharply contested term and act, but it has a long history of provoking controversy. One person's martyr is another's terrorist, and one person's martyrdom operation is… 493 руб

  • 39Against Autonomy. Justifying Coercive Paternalism , Conly Sarah (2012)
    Since Mill's seminal work On Liberty, philosophers and political theorists have accepted that we should respect the decisions of individual agents when those decisions affect no one other than… 6943 руб

  • 40The Economics of Inequality , Thomas Piketty (2015)
    Thomas Piketty?whose Capital in the Twenty-First Century pushed inequality to the forefront of public debate?wrote The Economics of Inequality as an introduction to the conceptual and factual… 2459 руб