• 1Pocket's Christmas Wish , Ann Bonwill (2010)
    Pocket is a little rabbit who wishes - from his whiskers to his bunny feet - that he might know the meaning of Christmas. When he hops out of his burrow on Christmas morning, Pocket finds some… 639 руб

  • 2Pocket Travel. Мотылек в золотой клетке , Санди Лаура (2012)
    Pocket Travel. Мотылек в золотой клетке 657 руб

  • 3Pocket&Travel. Тайна семьи Луганисов , Ардити М. (2012)
    Pocket&Travel. Тайна семьи Луганисов ISBN:978-5-386-04639-2 59 UAH

  • 4Pocket Birds of Britain and Europe , Jonathan Elphick, John Woodward (2012)
    This is a new edition of this pocket-sized guide to birds from the experts at the RSPB. From the Sandwich Tern to the Short-toed Eagle discover over 320 species of bird found in the UK and Europe… 1009 руб

  • 5Pocket Rough Guide Istanbul , Terry Richardson (2013)
    THE POCKET ROUGH GUIDE TO ISTANBUL contains everything you need to know about this unique, continent-straddling city - from insightful coverage of the key sights to expert reviews of the very best… 619 руб

  • 6Pocket Rough Guide Venice (+карта) , Jonathan Buckley (2014)
    THE POCKET ROUGH GUIDE TO VENICE is the ultimate insider's guide to Europe's most romantic city. Inspirational photography, neighborhood-by-neighborhood guides, and detailed, up-to-date maps help you… 669 руб

  • 7Pocket Guide to the Bible. A Little Book About the Big Book , Jason Boyett
    "Jason Boyett's Pocket Guides are smart and hilarious. And they're sneaky too: You don't realize how much you're learning because you're having so much fun."—AJ Jacobs, author, The Year of Living… 1012.61 руб электронная книга

  • 8Pocket Guide to Sainthood. The Field Manual for the Super-Virtuous Life , Jason Boyett
    "Boyett's witty, weird, and sometimes even wise Pocket Guides are proof that the best things do come in small packages."—Daniel Radosh, author, Rapture Ready! We name our cities, hospitals, and… 1012.61 руб электронная книга

  • 9Pocket Guide to GastrointestinaI Drugs , Lowe Robert C.
    Learn all you need to know about gastrointestinal drugs and their clinical use with this one-stop, rapid reference pocket guide. Brought to you by many of the world's leading GI drug experts, Pocket… 5463.32 руб электронная книга

  • 10Pocket English Grammar (2012)
    Learn the most important English grammar points with the Collins COBUILD Pocket English Grammar. - Simple explanations help you understand key grammar points; - Examples from the Collins Corpus show… 699 руб

  • 11Pocket Journal: Create Every Day (2013)
    От издателя:Takes artistic notes anywhere with a stylish Create Every Day pocket journal from Galison. Samantha Hahn created the illustrations of pens, glasses, paintbrushes, and other artist… 212 UAH

  • 12Pocket Journal: Travel (2013)
    От издателя:Takes notes anywhere with a stylish Places to Remember Travel pocket journal from Galison. Plan your trip and write down memorable moments as you enjoy the illustrations by Alyssa… 212 UAH

  • 13Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary: English-Chinese, Chinese-English
    This new edition of the Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary comes packaged with the Talking Chinese Dictionary&Instant Translator, an innovative CD-ROM that provides instant pop-up translation help and… 1791 руб

  • 14Pocket PC. Руководство разработчика , Брюс Е. Крелль (2007)
    Научитесь создавать разнообразные приложения для мобильных устройств на платформе Microsoft. Познакомьтесь с широким набором повторно используемых компонентов для операционных систем Windows СЕ и… 297 UAH

  • 15Pocket Business Dictionary (2016)
    Collins Pocket Business English Dictionary is the ideal reference for anybody who uses English for business. This handy, pocket-sized dictionary contains all the words and phrases you need to succeed… 1062 руб

  • 16Pocket Guide to Teaching for Clinical Instructors , Mike Davis
    The Pocket Guide to Teaching for Clinical Instructors, 3rd edition, provides a concise introduction to teaching. Written by experienced medical educators from the Advanced Life Support Group and… 2698.92 руб электронная книга

  • 17Pocket PC. Руководство разработчика , Б.Е. Крелль (2007)
    Научитесь создавать разнообразные приложения для мобильных устройств на платформе Microsoft. Познакомьтесь с широким набором повторно используемых компонентов для операционных систем Windows СЕ и… 695 руб

  • 18Pocket Guide to Correct Spelling , Griffith Francis (2004)
    Greatly expanded and updated, this guide to 24, 000 often misspelled words includes easy-to-remember spelling rules, memory devices for avoiding misspellings, and a new section on homophones. For… 836 руб

  • 19Pocket Gardens: Contemporary Japanese Miniature Designs , Michael Freeman (2008)
    Called tsubo-niwa after a unit of measurement that is two person-sized tatami mats placed side by side, the pocket garden has been a part of the Japanese architectural canon for thousands of years… 2396 руб

  • 20Pocket Doodling and Colouring Book: Red Book , Figg Non (2011)
    A pocket-sized book filled with doodling, drawing and colouring activities for children on the go. It features simple pictures that invite the children to finish the scene, pattern, person or object… 585 руб