• 61Fantastic Four: Volume 1 , Stan Lee, Jack Kirby (2014)
    Follow the FANTASTIC FOUR from their original adventure to the height of their success! Caught in a mental maelstrom of alien enemies 2359 руб

  • 62China Days: A Visual Journal from China's Wild West , Henrik Drescher (2014)
    The nation of China is a constant source of fascination, yet we rarely glimpse life beyond its urban centers. Far west of Beijing and Shanghai, in the remote Chinese province of Yunnan, pioneering… 2239 руб

  • 63The World of Coco Chanel: Friends, Fashion, Fame , Edmonde Charles-Roux (2005)
    Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel is an icon of fashion, and can lay claim to having invented the look of the 20th century. At the height of the Belle Epoque, she stripped women of their corsets and feathers… 5390 руб

  • 64The Search Warrant , Modiano Patrick (2009)
    Missing a young girl, Dora Bruder, 15, height 1. 55m, oval-shaped face, grey-brown eyes, grey sports jacket, maroon pullover, navy blue skirt and hat, brown gym shoes. All information to M. and Mme… 799 руб

  • 65The Invention of Wings , Sue Monk Kidd (2005)
    From the celebrated author of The Secret Life of Bees, a magnificent novel about two unforgettable American women Writing at the height of her narrative and imaginative gifts, Sue Monk Kidd presents… 1293 руб

  • 66Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga: Volume 1 (2014)
    At the height the 1960's Batman television shows popularity, a shonen manga magazine in Japan serialized fifty-three chapters, starring The Dark Knight, which were all written by Jiro Kuwata. These… 1339 руб

  • 67The Tell-Tale Heart , Edgar Allan Poe (2015)
    'Presently I heard a slight groan, and I knew it was a groan of mortal terror... the low stifled sound that arises from the bottom of the soul.'Stories about murder, mystery and madness, portraying… 101 руб

  • 68Birdland , Simon Stephens (2014)
    Everything can be quantified. All worth can be quantified. Artistic worth. Human worth. Material worth. Everything. Some food is simply better than other food. Isn't it? Some clothes are better than… 794.5 руб

  • 69Illegal Alien , Tucker Mike (2014)
    The Blitz is at its height. As the Luftwaffe bomb London, Cody McBride, ex-pat American private eye, sees a sinister silver sphere crash-land. He glimpses something emerging from within. The military… 709 руб

  • 70The Search Warrant , Patrick Modiano (2014)
    "Missing a young girl, Dora Bruder, 15, height 1. 55m, oval-shaped face, grey-brown eyes, grey sports jacket, maroon pullover, navy blue skirt and hat, brown gym shoes. All information to M. and Mme… 260.7 руб

  • 71Tibetan Buddhism , Matthew T. Kapstein (2013)
    The Tibetan Buddhist tradition has known over thirteen centuries of continuous development. During that time, it has spread among the neighboring peoples - the Mongol, Himalayan, and Siberian… 493 руб

  • 72The Art of the Pastel , Burns Thea (2015)
    The only comprehensive history of pastel art, beautifully illustrated with works both celebrated and little known The Art of the Pastel traces the evolution of this most appealing medium from the… 8036 руб

  • 73Pocket World in Figures (2015)
    The 25th annual edition of this perennial favourite has been completely updated, revised and expanded with many new features, including a section exploring the huge global changes since its inception… 1993 руб

  • 74Settled Blood , Мэри Хэнна (2012)
    От издателя:When a young girl is found dead at the base of Hadrian’s Wall, it’s not long before Detective Chief Inspector Kate Daniels realises her death was no ordinary homicide. She was thrown from… 222 UAH

  • 75Big Cat 4 Growing and Changing , Тереза Хипи (2011)
    От издателя:As we grow up, our bodies grow and change with us. This information book by Teresa Heapy looks at the changes that happen - from our eyes and teeth to our height and strength 139 UAH

  • 76Symposium and The Death of Socrates , Платон (1997)
    От издателя:In Symposium, a group of Athenian aristocrats attend a party and talk about love, until the drunken Alcibiades bursts in and decides to discuss Socrates instead. Symposium gives an… 172 UAH

  • 77Dear Mili , Grimm Wilhelm (2013)
    On September 28, 1983, the discovery of a previously unknown tale by Wilhelm Grimm was reported on the front page of The New York Times. After more than 150 years, the Times noted, Hansel and Gretel… 381 руб

  • 78Wessex Tales , Томас Гарди (Харди) (1995)
    Wessex Tales was the first collection of Hardy&# 039;s short stories, and they reflect the experience of a novelist at the height of his powers. These seven tales, in which characters and scenes are… 81 UAH

  • 79Mikhail Svetlov: Selected Poems _Михаил Светлов. Избранные стихотворения , Mikhail Svetlov (1983)
    "The height of my dreams is that one day a reader lighting upon my book of poems will come to understand not only me but also the times in which I lived." This remark by the poet could form a fitting… 140 руб

  • 80Mess , Кери Смит (2010)
    In Mess, Keri Smith, creator of Wreck This Journal, asks readers to explore what it feels like to throw themselves off balance -- on purpose. Smith dares readers to drop some kind of coloured liquid… 271 UAH