• 61Giraffes Can't Dance. Touch-and-Feel , Andreae Giles (2014)
    A touch-and-feel board book, based on bestselling picture book Giraffes Can't Dance. With a simple, rhyming text, especially written for babies and toddlers, this adorable board book introduces… 1112 руб

  • 62Свадебный рэп, или Feel Fuck MGU , Виктор Смоктий (2007)
    Невероятные приключения бедного российского инженера в веселой Голландии! Престарелая невеста по объявлению, сделавшая себе огромное состояние на сочинительствеэротических романов... Суровый крестный… 35 руб

  • 63Touch and Feel (2013)
    The world of Eric Carle is a world of colour and discovery. In this tactile early-learning playbook, first concepts are introduced through texture, words and pictures 1069 руб

  • 64The New Atkins Made Easy. The Faster, Simpler Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great - Starting Today! , Heimowitz Colette (2014)
    Atkins remains the world's most famous diet, and for good reason: the Atkins high-protein, low-carb plan has helped millions of people around the world lose weight and keep it off. In New Atkins Made… 615 руб

  • 65Destined to Feel , Bloome Indigo (2012)
    It's simple. No sight. No questions. 48 hours. An intensely charged erotic journey, perfect for anyone who was seduced by 50 Shades of Grey. When 37-year-old psychologist, Alexandra Blake, leaves her… 632 руб

  • 66Ruby Redfort: Feel the Fear , Lauren Child (2014)
    Ruby Redfort: supercool secret agent, code-cracker and thirteen-year-old genius The fourth book in the scarily awesome Ruby Redfort series, by multi-million-copy bestselling author Lauren Child. This… 488.5 руб

  • 67My First: Things That Go: Touch and Feel Picture Cards (2007)
    Give your toddler a head start with 16 colorful picture cards, expertly designed to develop early language skills. Photographs and textures keep children interested and engaged. Prompts on the back… 819 руб

  • 68Hello Kitty: Touch-and-Feel Playbook (2011)
    От издателя:Parent and baby can explore the magical world of Hello Kitty with this textured and tabbed board book. Featuring tactiles, bright colours and all your favourite cute Hello Kitty… 160 UAH

  • 69Peter Rabbit Touch and Feel. Board book
    This tactile early-learning playbook is the perfect introduction to colours, shapes, numbers, animals and actions and features Beatrix Potter's best-loved characters. Ideal for older babies and… 805 руб

  • 70My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards: Farm (2007)
    Perfect for helping children develop early language skills, this exciting range of interactive flash cards reinforces learning through touch 889 руб

  • 71Свадебный рэп, или Feel Fuck MGU , Виктор Смоктий
    Авантюрный сатирический роман, героев которого, двух друзей, обычных молодых людей, не мошенников и негодяев, жизнь гонит и в хвост и в гриву, не давая возможности ни остановиться, ни опомниться… 480 руб электронная книга

  • 72The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Touch and Feel Playbook. Board book
    In this tactile early-learning playbook which features artwork from "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and other Eric Carle picture books, first concepts such as colours, numbers, shapes and first words… 805 руб

  • 73Блокнот. Мы вдвоем. I feel empty without you , Сушик Оксана Алексеевна (2017)
    Блокноты, которые демонстрируют очаровательные отношениях двух морских свинок. Где бы они не были, в спортзале или в прошлом (прямо в 20-х годах), им везде хорошо, потому что они ВДВОЕМ 146 руб

  • 74Блокнот. Мы вдвоем. I feel empty without you (2017)
    177 руб

  • 75I Feel Empty without You. Мы вдвоем. Блокнот (2017)
    Блокноты, которые демонстрируют очаровательные отношениях двух морских свинок. Где бы они не были, в спортзале или в прошлом (прямо в 20-х годах), им везде хорошо, потому что они ВДВОЕМ… 112 UAH

  • 76Baa, Baa, Black Sheep: Ladybird Touch and Feel Rhymes. Board book (2016)
    This collection of five animal nursery rhymes includes Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Incy Wincy Spider, This Little Piggy, Hickory Dickory Dock and Little Bo Peep. Little hands will find stimulating… 690 UAH

  • 77В гостях у ток-шоу «Дело жизни» DJ Feel и сантехник Александр Шлеев , Максим Спиридонов (2011)
    В выпуске программы DJ №1 в России и московский сантехник говорят с Максимом Спиридоновым о том как достичь успеха в рабочих и гламурных профессиях? Где клубы лучше:в Москве, Санкт-Петербурге или в… 49 руб аудиокнига можно скачать

  • 78Mastering Presentations. Be the Undisputed Expert when You Deliver Presentations (Even If You Feel Like You're Going to Throw Up) , Doug Staneart
    A simple four-step process for delivering winning presentations Mastering Presentations explains how entrepreneurs and small business owners can use guest speaking opportunities to generate rapport… 1299.97 руб электронная книга

  • 79Peppa Loves: A Touch-and-Feel Playbook (2017)
    570 руб

  • 80The Keeper of Lost Things: The feel-good novel of the year , Hogan Ruth (2017)
    Meet the'Keeper of Lost Things'... Once a celebrated author of short stories now in his twilight years, Anthony Peardew has spent half his life collecting lost objects, trying to atone for a promise… 645 руб