• 1Improving Your Project Management Skills , Richman Larry (2010)
    Each year, project managers, certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs(R)) and other project-focused professionals from all over the country enroll in the American Management Association's… 1073 руб

  • 2Cardfight!! Vanguard: Volume 6 , Akira Itou (2015)
    A lot has happened to Aichi since we last saw him. He recently won the Vanguard Asia Circuit and is now about to enroll in high school. But as he will soon find out, high school life may become his… 849 руб

  • 3Relentless , Leo Cassia (2014)
    Sometimes, letting someone into your heart is the bravest risk to take. Claire Nixon is a twenty-year-old college dropout with a secret she'll never tell. Then she meets sexy Adam Parker. Claire… 621 руб

  • 4The mysterious Benedict society , Stewart T. (2007)
    When this peculiar ad appears in the newspaper, dozens of children enroll to take a series of mysterious, mind-bending tests. (And you, dear reader, can test your wits right alongside them). But in… 565 руб

  • 5Relentless , Leo Cassia (2014)
    Sometimes, letting someone into your heart is the bravest risk to take. Claire Nixon is a twenty-year-old college dropout with a secret she`ll never tell. Then she meets sexy Adam Parker. Claire… 803 UAH

  • 6Medicare For Dummies , Patricia Barry
    Weave your way through the tangled web of Medicare Medicare for Dummies, 3rd Edition will help you navigate the complicated, often confusing maze of the Medicare system. In simple language, with… 1498.06 руб электронная книга

  • 7U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies , Chris Hren
    Now you can score higher in chemistry Every high school requires a course in chemistry for graduation, and many universities require the course for majors in medicine, engineering, biology, and… 1950.53 руб электронная книга

  • 8Geology For Dummies , Alecia Spooner M.
    Get a rock-solid grasp on geology Geology is the study of the earth's history as well as the physical and chemical processes that continue to shape the earth today. Jobs in the geosciences are… 1498.06 руб электронная книга

  • 9Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage For Dummies , Patricia Barry
    Confused about Medicare’s drug coverage? You’re not alone. Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage For Dummies explains Part D in plain English and shows you how to find the best deal among numerous… 1302.58 руб электронная книга

  • 10Creating a Veteran-Friendly Campus: Strategies for Transition and Success. New Directions for Student Services, Number 126 , Ackerman Robert
    As the United States? wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue, increasing numbers of students who experienced combat will enroll in colleges and universities. There is mounting evidence that these… 2263.37 руб электронная книга

  • 11Dual Enrollment: Strategies, Outcomes, and Lessons for School-College Partnerships. New Directions for Higher Education, Number 158 , Eric Hoffman
    This volume focuses on the goals, practices, policies, and outcomes of programs that enroll high school students in college courses for college credit. This volume examines: The details of dual… 2238.84 руб электронная книга

  • 12Falling for the Teacher , Tracy Kelleher
    Getting shot in a robbery shattered more than Katarina Zemanova's knee.Once an up-and-coming power executive she's realizing that recuperating her confidence, and her trust in people, is a lot harder… 365.57 руб электронная книга

  • 13Complete Short Novels , Chekhov Anton (2004)
    Chekhov, widely hailed as the supreme master of the short story, also wrote five works long enough to be called short novels. The Steppe-the most lyrical of the five-is an account of a nine-year-old… 1811 руб

  • 14Voicemates. A Novel , Anamika Mishra
    Tulip Hill is an obedient and intelligent daughter to her disciplinarian parents. She has been a topper throughout her school, because her parents wanted her to be. Now, they want her to enroll in… 1634 UAH