• 81Kaitei Ban: Topikku niyoru Nihongo Sogo Enshu: Comprehensive Japanese Practice , Kaoru Sasaki, Noriko Taguchi, Setsuko Ando, Hirofumi Akagi&Muneko Kusano (2009)
    The book covers the five topics of Ryoko, Itsu, doko de kau, Matsuri, Okurimono, and Masumedia. Through the examination of each individual topic, knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and the four… 2901 руб

  • 82Velazquez , Xavier de Salas (1976)
    Renowned for his physical and psychological naturalism, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez is considered one of the greatest painters to have ever lived. Official court painter to King Philip IV… 180 руб

  • 83What is Man? and Other Essays , Марк Твен
    "What is Man?" was Twain's most serious, philosophical and private book. He kept it locked in his desk, considered it to be his Bible, and spoke of it as such to friends when he read them passages… руб электронная книга

  • 84Landscapes and Geomorphology , Andrew S. Goudie (2010)
    What were the landscapes of the past like? What will landscapes look like in the future? Landscapes are all around us, but most of us know very little about how they have developed, what goes on in… 493 руб

  • 85Folk Music , Slobin Mark (2011)
    This stimulating Very Short Introduction throws open the doors on a remarkably diverse musical genre, with a world-wide reach that goes far beyond America's shores to discuss folk music of every… 493 руб

  • 86Language Assessment in Practice , Lyle F. Bachman (2010)
    Presents an innovative, unified, and easily applied approach to designing and developing language assessments. Language Assessment in Practice is a follow-up to the bestselling Language Testing in… 3718 руб

  • 87The Correspondence of Charles Darwin , Darwin Charles (2013)
    This volume is part of the definitive edition of letters written by and to Charles Darwin, the most celebrated naturalist of the nineteenth century. Notes and appendixes put these fascinating and… 9224 руб

  • 88The Jane Austen Book Club , Karen Joy Fowler (2005)
    An California's Sacramento Valley, six people meet once a month to discuss Jane Austen's novels. They are ordinary people, neither happy nor unhappy, but all wounded in different ways, all mixed up… 949 руб

  • 89Improving Energy Efficiency Through Technology: Trends, Investment Behaviour and Policy Design , Raymond J. G. M. Florax, Henri L. F. de Groot, Peter Mulder (2012)
    This innovative book explores the adoption of energy-saving technologies and their impact on energy efficiency improvements. It contains a mix of theoretical and empirical contributions, and combines… 3023.7 руб

  • 90American History , Paul S. Boyer (2012)
    This brief history of America will span the earliest migrations to the present, reflecting Paul S. Boyer's interests in social, intellectual, and cultural history, including popular culture and… 493 руб

  • 91Academic Encounters: American Studies 2: Listening&Speaking (+ DVD-ROM) , Kim Sanabria, Carlos Sanabria (2013)
    The Academic Encounters Second edition series uses a sustained content approach to teach skills necessary for taking academic courses in English. There are two books for each content area. Academic… 1789 руб

  • 92Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies , Gardner Susannah (2005)
    In this instant-communication world, buzz means business! And one of the greatest ways to get customers and potential customers buzzing about your business is with a Web log, commonly called a blog… 1256 руб

  • 93Sustainability of Scholarly Information , Chowdhury G.G. (2014)
    This landmark text represents the first attempt to discuss the sustainable development of digital information in three key aspects: economic, social and environmental sustainability. Taking as its… 7590 руб

  • 94On Yoga. The Architecture of Peace , O'Neill Michael (2015)
    From the banks of the ancient Ganges River to the glamor of Beverley Hills, from living saints to Hollywood celebrities, Michael O'Neill's quest to capture the esssence of yoga spans time, space, and… 4308 руб

  • 95Education and Training in Europe (2007)
    While Europe is certainly one of the richest and most educated areas of the world, some of the challenges faced by the old continent are staggering: low economic growth, structural difficulties in… 11426 руб

  • 96Probability , Haigh John (2012)
    Making good decisions under conditions of uncertainty - which is the norm - requires a sound appreciation of the way random chance works. As analysis and modelling of most aspects of the world, and… 493 руб

  • 97Wong Keen: Calligraphic Interactions: Calligraphic Interactions , Ho Sou Ping (2011)
    Wong Keen is about the earliest artist in Singapore to paint in the Abstract Expressionist style. He is one very important 2nd generation artist. Unfortunately, there exist very few scholarly texts… 5775 руб

  • 98Korean Art and Design , Бет МакКиллоп (1997)
    От издателя:There are few books available in the west on Korean art. The objects in this highly illustrated book range from the 5th century AD to the present day. The five central chapters discuss… 694 UAH

  • 99Legal English , Уильям Маккей,Хелен Элизабет Чарльтон (2005)
    От издателя:More and more law students seeking a legal qualification find that their English language skills let them down. Legal English will enable students to confidently write on and discuss… 625 UAH

  • 100The Camel Club , Дэвид Бальдаччи (2005)
    От издателя:Arab terrorists, nuclear threat and political perfidy drive bestselling Baldacci&# 039;s latest. The Camel Club, a four-man group of Washington, D. C., misfits (their leader has taken the… 192 UAH