Nickelodeon India

Nickelodeon India

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Nickelodeon in India began broadcasting in 2001.It's beginning was a flop. After some time, it started showing shows in hindi but could not stand against Disney Channel India and proved a flop.But now it has progressed a little bit.


Shows aired on Nickelodeon India are of the following origin:








Sitcom that is on often, Monday-Friday:
*Drake & Joshh20

What's New

"Drake & Josh" - Season 4 Coming in July

"Nick at nite" - Coming to nick on july 28


*Spongebob Squarepants

Japanese animated shows

*ninja hattori
*The Adventures of Little Carp
*Bernard the bear

nick jr.

*dora the explorer
*tumoya island
*Go, Diego, Go!
*Blues Clues



Sitcoms that have had a proper run and have finished airing include:
*The Brothers Garcia
*Noah Knows Best
*Cousin Skeeter
*Clarissa Explains It All
*Sister, Sister
*Full House
*Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
*Kenan and Kel
*All That (still airs at night)
*The Amanda Show (still airs at night)

Cancelled or Rejected sitcoms that have aired for a short time period:
*100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd
*Just Jordan
*The Naked Brothers Band

Game Shows

*Figure It Out
*Legends Of The Hidden Temple
*Global Guts
*Double Dare


*The Angry Beavers
*My Life As A Teenage Robot


Nick Jr

It is a programming block that shows shows for young children,between age 2-4.The current shows in this block are Go deigo go,Dora the explorer,etc.This block is aired during the mornings.

Nick at nite

It is a programming block which started from 28 of july,2008.It runs with a slogan nick at nite family time,it is a block that is aimed for the whole family,to watch.It starts on 8 pm and ends on 11 pm.The shows on this block are Perman,Hattori the Ninja,Tricky tv,Shaun the sheep and Drake and josh.

Nick home cinema

It is a block which started from summer 2007 which airs movies,originally it starrted by airing nick movies for 3 months,the movies were Drake and Josh go hollywood,Drake and Josh really big shrimp,Kenan and kale movie the journey of allen strange,etc.But now it airs movies made by or released in theatres by other networks,like,stuart little, Spymate , air buddies1 2 3,etc.It always airs sunday morning 10:15am and afternoon 7:15 pm.

Current Schedule

returning shows are indark blue; New Comedies are in green; finished comedies are in pink; Animated Series are in yellow. Schedule from june 9th, 2008


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