ThunderCats (comics)

ThunderCats (comics)

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The "ThunderCats" comic book series was based on a television series of the same name. It was originally published by Marvel Comics through its Star Comics imprint. It ended with issue #24 in 1988. The following year, a new series was published by Marvel UK. The series consisted of 129 issues and was published for three years.

Publication history

In 2002, DC Comics, owned by Warner Bros. (who acquired the rights for the franchise due to its 1989 purchase of Lorimar-Telepictures), published a "ThunderCats" sourcebook through its Wildstorm imprint. In 2003, a wave of mini-series and one-shots were published, along with a crossover with Top Cow's Battle of the Planets. [cite web |url= |title= DC Comics Spotlight Projects for April, 2003|accessdate=2008-10-06 |work=Comic Book Resources |publisher= |date= 2003-01-21]


The series have been collected into trade paperbacks:
*"ThunderCats: Reclaiming Thundera" (144 pages, Titan Books, August 2003, ISBN 1840237325, Wildstorm, July 2003, ISBN 1401200362)
*"ThunderCats: The Return" (128 pages, Wildstorm, February 2004, ISBN 140120273X)
*"ThunderCats: Dog's of War" (128 pages, Wildstorm, July 2004, ISBN 140120287X)
*"ThunderCats: Hammer Hand's Revenge" (144 pages, Wildstorm, October 2004, ISBN 1401202977)
*"ThunderCats: Enemy's Pride" (128 pages, Wildstorm, June 2005, ISBN 1401206174)

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