Boży Dar transmitter

Boży Dar transmitter

Boży Dar transmitter is a broadcasting facility near Bozy Dar near Lublin. Built in 1962, it transmits from a 210 metres tall guyed mast located at coor dms|51|0|17|N|22|39|12|E|

It broadcasts the FM-radio program Radio Zet on 107 MHz with 120 kW ERP and the TV program TVP Info / TVP Lublin on 615,25 MHz ( channel 39) with 100 kW ERP. The antenna used for FM-broadcasting is 182 metres, that for TV broadcasting 206 metres above ground.

Boży Dar transmitter has a second mast with a height of 105 metres. It is a mast radiator insulated against ground situated at coor dms|51|0|9|N|22|39|20|E|.

It was erected in 1961 and used for broadcasting the second program of Polskie Radio on 1206 kHz (before 1978-11-23 on 1367kHz) with 60 kW ERP until 1998-02-01. The actual use of the mast is unknown.

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